Sunday, September 18, 2016

The New Version : Secangkir Kopi dari Playa

The New Version of #secangkirkopidariplaya will be presented in Jakarta !

As the fundraising of Pesta Boneka#5 , Papermoon puppet theatre and Edwin's Gallery present 

Puppet play
'Secangkir Kopi dari Playa' & Exhibition by Iwan Effendi
5-7 october 2016
6.00 pm and

8-9 october 2016
3.00 pm & 7.00 pm *
Edwin's Gallery

Ticket price:
Rp. 300.000,-
What's on the menu?
- performance
- exhibition
- photobooth and fundaising corner
- pop up shop * *only 50 seats available per performance !! 

And thank you for buying the tickets..
Tickets for 10 shows + 2 extra shows are SOLD OUT

Hope to see you there, dear... 

Saturday, September 17, 2016

"PRANI : the breath "

a commissioned work by Singapore Art Museum, 
the exhibition and performance of "SUARA MUARA" 
as part of "IMAGINARIUM : Over The Ocean, Under The Sea"

In a far away land, there was a bunch of people who lived in a boat, who took long journey.
They are the dream collectors.
They stole people’s bottle of dreams, and they took them as theirs.
Every time people heard of a certain sounds, they knew that those dream collectors were coming.
All that you need to do, is keeping your bottle of dream in a safe place.

One day, one biggest dream bottle was falling to the sea.
One of them was pointed to take it back.
Then the journey began.
All that he knew, he just needed to take the bottle back to the boat.

Until one day,  he met a little boy, who had his dream bottle stollen before...


PRANI is an interactive performance that was inspired by the ancient ‘Wayang Bengkong’ from Lasem (a small district in Northern part of Java).  Combines art installation, puppetry, masks, shadow, sounds and lights, this performance will bring you to a journey that you’ve never had before.

Duration               : 45 minutes
Language               : non verbal
Age                        :  3 years+

*will content black lights in the show.

actors/puppeteers  : anton fajri, beni sanjaya, pambo priyojati, maria tri sulistyani, wulang sunu, retno intiani, lunang pramusesa
lighting designer  : banjar tri andaru cahyo
costume maker : retno intiani
technical director : gading paksi
music composer  : yennu ariendra
artistic director    : iwan effendi
co. artistic director : maria tri sulistyani
scriptwriter & director : maria tri sulistyani

photo courtesy by Singapore Art Museum

Saturday, July 16, 2016

The Old Man's Books : a journey of your imagination

making a theater play for children for us means doing a collaborative works with the children itself.

It's been a while for Papermoon not making a play for kids.

So when there was an invitation from Bangkok International Children Theatre Festival to perform for children, we came up with an idea, of doing workshop and built the story with the children.

On June 2016, we decided to create a new piece with Thai families from underprivileged area in Bangkok along with other applicants who are interested in taking part in the project. 

Papermoon brought the idea about "Reading old children books" to create a workshop process especially for parents and their children to learn together for 1 week in puppet making and story telling. We used materials from the workshop to create a new piece, that was premiered at BICT Fest 2016.

And this is what we said about the workshop :

Books are the window of our imagination. "You will never know how big, how wild, and how amazing your imagination is until you read your favorite books! Choose one character that you like from any story that you love... 
Bring your books, let's make your favorite character from scratch, ... and bring them alive! " The results of the workshop will be part of the settings of PAPERMOON PUPPET THEATRE's performance . This is the time to see that your art can be part of our stage play! 

We built the play from scratch.

We brought 4 main puppets from Yogya, came to Bangkok with a rough idea for the script, did 5 days of workshops where the children built their own puppets, then we built the whole sets for 7 days, and rehearse in Bangkok.. in 3 days!

then, there was born a play, which calls "THE OLD MAN'S BOOKS"

photo credit by Christian Hogue

credit tittle :

scriptwriter & director : Maria Tri Sulistyani
puppet builder : anton fajri, beni sanjaya, pambo priyojati, maria tri sulistyani, iwan effendi, jae sirikarn bunjongtad , and workshop participants
music composer : wulang sunu
puppeteers : anton fajri, beni sanjaya, pambo priyojati, maria tri sulistyani, jae sirikarn bunjongtad, pie
lighting designer : chi
set builder : anton fajri, wulang sunu, beni sanjaya, pambo priyojati, maria tri sulistyani, jae sirikarn, pie

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Secangkir Kopi dan Cinta : Behind The Scene of AADC 2

"Secangkir Kopi dari Playa", was produced on 2011 by Papermoon Puppet Theatre.
 Concepted by Maria Tri Sulistyani and Iwan Effendi. 
Written and Directed by Maria Tri Sulistyani 

This year, Secangkir Kopi dari Playa was chosen to be part of the Indonesian most awaited movie calls "Ada Apa Dengan Cinta 2".

The play is a site-specific-performance performs in antique shop-old houses- or library.
Has limited audiences, 'Secangkir Kopi dari Playa' always comes with different version on each performance, either has 'vintage trip' in Yogyakarta, story telling at Ubud Writer Festival, and 'Pahit Manis Museum / Bitter & Sweet Museum' in Jakarta.

For AADC 2, we chose this play, since the play itself has a very strong story of the long lost lover- just becomes perfectly fit with AADC 2 story itself.

'Secangkir Kopi dari Playa' is on its own journey right now.
.... a special one.

for further journey of 'Secangkir Kopi dari Playa' you could read it here :

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

HIDE and SEEK project

HIDE and SEEK project is the results of our residency project with The Museum of Art Kochi, Japan from July 22nd- August 30th, 2015.

On our stay for less than a month in Kochi-Japan, we were doing workshops, exhibitions, and also performance where we collaborated with shamisen- a Japanesse traditional instrumet- player.

For the exhibition itself, we had 2 separated spaces, where we exhibited our previous works in one space, and the new work of Hide and Seek in another space.

the previous works of papermoon puppet theatre

HIDE and SEEK Project

we did workshops for adults and children, questioning about the imaginary world under their beds. and for the adults, we asked them a question of "what is their biggest secret that they kept under their bed".
then they made one character as the representation of their story.
from there, we chose one story, and made it into performance, while all the puppets that were made by the participants installed as the part of the exhibition.

HIDE and SEEK performance

all photos by Nae Fukata.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

SEMATAKAKI : about red color on your ankle.

For closing the busy year of 2015,
Papermoon Puppet Theatre will do a collaborative performance with the students of Theatre and Dance Department from University of New Hampshire .

Papermoon Puppet Theatre is invited to handle a class for this semester, and also to build a world premiere performance with the students.

The tittle calls "SEMATAKAKI" which means "right to your ankle".

The story is inspired from the people who got stigmatized by the society , as the victims of the political turmoil - and also about the people who always hide the fact that they were the part of the dark history.
To retreive the loss history of our homeland in 1965 - 50 years after it happened, we decided to produce this performance, with the Theatre students in America.

SEMATAKAKI is about the people..
who try to hide the red color on their feet.


The Process

This time we will perform - for the first experience- in a thrust stage.
The stage itself has 3 areas for audiences' seats.
For our type of puppetry, this is pretty challenging... 
But we know, that this will be very interesting! :)

we are working with 12 casts, 
8 of them will be the puppeteers, and all most of the casts will wear masks.
All of them never worked with bunraku-type of puppetry before.
So, yes... this production will be brand new experience, for everybody!
which we find.. again, very exciting! :D

This is Tanamera.
One main character that we buid in New Hampshire.
Her appearance will be presented in puppet, and also an actress, whose also dance.

And these all the masks that Iwan Effendi made.
We are using papier mache technique, using clay for the mold.
we had some students (whose not the casts) helping us on layering the papier mache,
and either on building our sets and props - as the part of their class.

Here, we learn how the big productions are built in States.