Monday, February 18, 2008

coming soon on april 2008!!!

"noda lelaki di dada mona"

a puppet performance for adults only!!!!
16 years old up...

Wednesday, April 30, 2008
Lembaga Indonesia Perancis
Jl. Sagan No.3 Yogyakarta
5.00 pm and 8.00pm

for further information, please contact:

Le murs Ont La pArole !!!

poster's workshop for children
Papermoon feat Sophie Fort (Perancis)
on collage posters, collage puppets, and
painting posters !!!!
what a lovely collaboration !
Thank's to marie le sourd!!!!!!!!!

doing the workshop !!!!
pendopo siliran.... what a beautiful place !!!

HERE WE ARE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
say.... "PAPERMOON !!!!!!!!"

cool !!! cool !!!

ini penontonnya "SIKAYASUHA #2" !!!
ramenya bukan main! seruuu!!!
buat yang udah nonton dan kasih support,
terima kasih banyak yaaa !!!!

the audiences of our puppet play
"SIKAYASUHA#2", february 2008.
for all audiences, thank's for watching!!!

"look at the witch !!!
that's SIKAYASUHA !!!!"