Wednesday, July 23, 2008


HAnya MenuNGGU (Just Waiting)
idea by Carla Pedroza (Meksiko)
in collaboration with Maria Tri Sulistyani, Yosafat Diaswikarta (Indonesia)
music by Kenny Prehara (Indonesia) and Carla Ori (Aussie)
artistic team are Iwan Effendi (Indonesia), Anne-Sophie (France), Danielle Poidomani (Aussie), Paula Carrascao, Octo (Indonesia)

Pesta Boneka
@Kinoki Cafe, Juli 17,2008 at 7.30 & 9.00 PM
with 120 audiences came and watched.
a story about a homeless guy, feels lonely and tries to communicate with other people
until die.

PESTA BONEKA from may 2008-december 2008

Let's MAke PupPets' PARTY !!!!!

Working together in 9 months workshops'

-Maria Tri Sulistyani (founder, director, puppeteer in Papermoon Puppet Theater – Indonesia).
-Anne-Sophie (puppeteer, schenographer, costume designer – France).
-Carla Pedroza Castaneda (puppeteer – Mexico)
-Iwan Effendi (visual artist, artistic designer of Papermoon Puppet Theatre- Indonesia)
-Danielle Poidomani (puppets builder, stage designer – Australia)
and Carla Ori (Australia) as Music Director

will make many performances from July-December2008.
there are (not all)

1. “Hanya Menunggu” (Just Waiting)
Day/Date : Thursday / July 17, 2008
Time : 07.30 & 09.30 PM
Venue : KINOKI café, Jl. Abu Bakar Ali Yogyakarta

2. “Monggo Tindhak Peken” (Let’s Go to The Market)
Day/Date : Sunday / August 10, 2008
Time : 07.00 AM
Venue : Pasar Suryoputran, Yogyakarta

3. “Elegi Yu Brejel” (Yu Brejel’s Elegy)
Day/Date : Monday / August 18, 2008
Time : 06.00 PM
Venue : Padepokan Bagong Kussudiardjo, Yogyakarta

4. “Naik Kereta Api” (Take The Train)
Day/Date : September 2008
Time : (in process)
Venue : Prambanan Express Train Yogyakarta to Solo, Solo to Yogyakarta

5. “Mencoba Sempurna” (Trying to be Perfect)
Day/Date : November 7, 2008
Time : 08.00 PM
Venue : French Cultural Centre, Jl. Sagan No.3 Yogyakarta

6. “PESTA BONEKA” (Puppets’ Party)- in confirmation
Day/Date : December 3-5, 2008
Time : 08.00 PM
Venue : Purna Budaya Yogyakarta

we invite you all to come and join our party !!!
see ya in PESTA BONEKA !!!