Wednesday, November 12, 2008

YA NOS MORIMOS !!! kita sudah meninggal

LiP Galery, November 7, 2008

yA noS MorimOS....

a puppet performance, collaborating works between Indonesia and Mexico..
about THE DAY OF THE DEATH in Mexico...

something happened before the show....
there was a big wind, very big.... in the north of Jogja...
just few kilometers from our area... then the electricity in the north of jogja was all off !!! three hours before our performances... until the time we planned to play the first session...

so we used two generators, and started to play 1 hour later....
and guess what....

from two performances that we played....
we added one more show!!!!!!
because there were soooooo many people coming for this performance....

so, now.... we want to thank you all for your patience, attendence....
and supports for papermoon puppet theatre...
this is our first time to play three times in one nite!!!!

thank you so MUCH!

La catrina...on the stage...

Mr. Panchitoooo !!!

the puppeteers....


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