Sunday, February 15, 2009

while we bring 9 puppets in MOCCA's videoclip.. for "PROMISES"...

a collaborating work between Papermoon Puppet Theatre-MOCCA-AEWORX

"Promises"is a collaborating work between papermoon and aeworkx and MOCCA, a swing sweet famous band from Bandung. we looooovvvveeeeeeeee their songs so much!!!!

check the video clip.. HERE!!!

while we did a process of Noda Lelaki di Dada Mona , iwan always played MOCCA's songs on our winamp... and he kept saying that it would be great if someday we could do a collaborating work with MOCCA, based on their imaginary songs!

then one day, we heard from mas ajik, our friend from NLS, said that MOCCA is very interesting to do a collaborating work wih us, after visiting our blog!!!!
we just sooo excited!
so we went to bandung to meet 3 members of the band. then we talked about lots of things, and decided to make one small thing first, to catch is there any chemistry between Papermoon and Mocca for having a big project...

so because of the busy days that we both had at that time, we decided December 2008 as the time to make the video clip.

So, yes... after finished our big PESTA BONEKA#1, Riko (the guitarist and the spoke person of MOCCA), Ryo (the designer of Aeworx), mas budi (Mocca's manager in that period), mas ade(the cameramen) came to Yogyakarta, bring the camera to Yogya, without any script in the hands! hahhaha!! yes...

so, papermoon brought the ideas of bringing the puppets into the real world...

so, no actors, all people in the video just met the puppets without any briefing!!
and that was soooo exciting!
we had to cut lots of great pictures how the puppets met people...
so sad for that, but to see the results after ricardo situmorang did the editing... well guys, it pays! :D

we made this video clip on december 2008 in Yogyakarta.. one day only.. then followed by half day in Bandung...
WELL DONE, guys!!!

wooohoooo!! since we found that this video clip got a great chemistry from both sides, we decided to say that this is the starting point of our collaboration..
until now, we still arrange more projects in the future... (check check the schedule.. fiiuhh!!)
can't wait!!!

hope to do FUN things with you again, guys!! :D


Flow Like "Mad On" said...

waaaah, Mocca I love you... di tunggu album yg 2011 nya.. Hhe :P
yang banyakk yaaah

Anonymous said...

i love mocca so muchhh
muachhh,,,ditunggu lagu barunya dan kejutan lainnya ^o^

Anonymous said...

i love mocca so muchhh
muachhh,,,ditunggu lagu barunya dan kejutan lainnya ^o^

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