Saturday, May 23, 2009

"Nothings perfect, honey... I say sorry..."

“Nothings perfect honey, I say sorry…”
a puppet play by Maria Tri Sulistyani (Ria)
presentation of Hooyong Performing Arts centre Artist Residency Program
Saturday, May 30, 2009 at 7.00pm
In Hooyong Performing Arts Centre.

A story about Opa, an old man, sitting on wheelchair, and broken one of his arm….
He stays in a nursery house for old people, and always spends afternoon time in the park, in the same place.
He always brings the box contains all stuffs which have full memories for him.
Those old stuffs bring some connection with people that he meets in the park.
But not all story in life ends with a happy ending…

And either do the story of his life.

scriptwriter/director/puppeter : Maria Tri Sulistyani
puppet maker & artistic designer: Maria Tri Sulistyani
actors : Yun Sang Don & Eom Joo Young (South Korea)

Friday, May 22, 2009

"having sex with magazine"

on Woman International Day, in Karta Pustaka-Yogyakarta (March 15, 2009)

those magazines are thick... the tittle is very cozy...the price is quite expensive..
it's for young, elegant, modern woman lives in the city.
several pages are about beauty tips, most of the pages are advertisement about beauty and fashion....
and almost half of the magazines describe sex tips , how you can have sex in many ways!!!

...but not all people think that sex is enough...
and it's including man.