Tuesday, July 7, 2009

"RIA's Gifts FROM KOREA", a presentation of Ria's Residency in Korea

...a presentation about my residency time in Hooyong performing Arts Centre, South Korea. it was presented in a puppet play about my journey in Korea....
I made a new puppet, and Dwe Rahmanto (a friend, video editor), helped me to compile some photos with narration and music, then projected behind the puppets.
This performance was presented in Open House of IVAA (Indonesian Visual Art Archieve), on July 2, 2009.

"thank's for the performance. it's great! so touching... it's weird, but my tears dropped when i saw your performance..." (ani himawati, researcher)

"your performance was lovely..." (lieke, kindergarten teacher)

"it's Cool!!! a very interesting way to tell about a journey.I really love it!!! thank's... you have a soft but strong hands " (chia, a friend.. loves to take pictures)


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