Wednesday, December 15, 2010

what's on PESTA BONEKA #2 ??

hello guys!!! here we meet again!!

yeiy!! we just past the first row of PESTA BONEKA#2. well.. PESTA BONEKA is a biennale puppet festival that was initiated by Papermoon Puppet Theatre (yes.. us!!). on this festival we would love to celebrate how's people using theater figure (including whatever kind of puppets, wayang, objects, masks, etc), and ask more people to enjoy it!

so, last night (december ,14th) we just did the first term of PESTA BONEKA#2 with 4 different performances, and an opening of our exhibition.
You can check the schedule, in HERE ..

this is where we made it!

well.. Yogya was poured by a heavy rain in the afternoon... that made us so worried... but slowly the rain started to stop, then we started to play the first performance just 15 minutes past from the actual time. and hundreds of people were there!!! AMAZING !!!

so.. here are some photos that was taken by parko and some friends for our party last night.. enjoy guys!!!

the performer from France.. AUTOMNE 2085
they drove their car from france for 2 years and passed 17 countries to come to Java Island!!

the members of Wayang Beber Kota.. we invited 3 people to come, but there were 30 people coming!!! FANTASTIC!!! they kept playing their music instruments and singing all the afternoon.. yes they were rehearsing, and it was so beautiful!!!!

me and Ki Ledjar Sukasman (all dalangs-traditional puppeteer- in Indonesia always got "Ki" for the man in front of their name, and "Nyi" for the woman, as a respect from people).. the maestro of Wayang Kancil.. he is 73 years old.. and amazing!!! i learned how to make wayang from him!! :D

Tadaaaaaaaaa.. the opening of the festival!!!

so.. here is the first play.. Wayang Beber Kota from Solo!!!! (clap..clap..clap!!!)

this is my first time to watch Wayang Beber, and i do love it !!! :D
the way the group performed the play.. is just Amazing!!!

dani iswardana, the visual artist who paints the wayang beber...
(wayang beber is an ancient form of story telling in Java, it's almost extinct now, and dani is one of artists who tries to re-invented wayang beber in a new form)

a young dalang, his name is Adam Gifari. he's talented!! what a special 11 years old-boy!!!

then... this one is the second play... Wayang Kancil !!!

mousedeer (kancil) met the wolf...

nanang, is the grandson of mbah ledjar... he is one of people who push me to do the festival.. thank you so much for trusting me, nanang!! yes.. we can make it!! :D

and the third one is Automne 2085 from France!!!

their show was sooo FUNNY!! it's simple but really details!
i do love the details of how they manipulate the puppets, so MUCH!!
it's about "the neighbors"!

and the latest one is... Wayang HipHOp!!

and they brought the beautiful dancers, too!!

ahahahahah!!! thank you so much for the great party guys... and.. oo.. hold on, here are some of the audiences!

and these all the participants and all the crews, and the sponsor !! ;)

and here are the papermoon's team!!!
well done, guys!!!

and how's the exhibition???

with oom Valentine Willie (the gallery's owner... thank you oom.. for giving us chance to share our works to more people...) and mas biantoro (from nadi gallery, jakarta.. thank you for visiting our exhibition and festival, mas...), and... ehm... my fantastic collaborator... partner in crime... Iwan Effendi !!! (congratulation, made it!)

so.. guys...thank you so much for coming!!!
thank you so much for supporting our festival!

but don't worry... you can see the exhibition of Iwan Effendi feat. PApermoon Puppet Theatre "the artworks of mwathirika" everyday (except national holiday) @Tembi Contemporary unti JAnuary 2nd, 2011 !!!

click HERE to see some sneak peak of Mwathirika's artworks!

come and visit!!! :D

hope to see you again in our next project!!!


Friday, December 10, 2010


this is our Biennial Puppet Festival ...

initiated by Papermoon Puppet Theatre...

and this year will be our second time of PESTA BONEKA !!

it's for FREE and For ALL AGES!!

@ Tembi Contemporary

Jalan Parangtritis KM 8,5
Bantul, Yogyakarta
Tel. +62 274 688 1919

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010
@ 7.00 pm - end

Performance by :
  • Wayang Beber (by Dani Iswardana & Adam Gifari), Surakarta
  • Wayang Kancil (by Ki Ledjar Soebroto & Ananto Wicaksono), Yogyakarta
  • Theater Automne2085, France
  • Wayang HipHop ( by Catur "Benyek" kuncoro & friends), Yogyakarta

Opening Visual Art Exhibition of Iwan Effendi feat. Papermoon Puppet Theatre :
"The Artworks of MWATHIRIKA"

December 19th - 21st, 2010
2.00pm - 5.30pm

Puppet Theater Workshop for children and teenagers of Tembi village (closed participants)

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010
4.00 pm - 6.00 pm


see you there!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

the pictures of MWATHIRIKA..

these fabulous photos were taken by indra wicaksono from pakjepret on first day of MWATHIRIKA's performance....

...and here is the magic...

when Baba met Haki...

it's circus time!!!

circus circus!!

...when those people started to disappear...

lonely Tupu... may i wipe your tears?

the red hat...

meet the family...

and this one is my favorite!!
...counting the days...

….about the “grey” history of MWATHIRIKA...

Why choose this theme?
Isn’t the ‘dark chapter’ in Indonesia’s history ‘old news’, does it need to be told again?
Perhaps this is so for some people in Indonesia…..
Or perhaps there are even more who don’t want to talk about it, and choose to forget it because they fear it….

But that’s not the way it is for us.
Although hundreds of books and films about this ‘dark chapter’ have been produced, under a cloud of controversy, how many of the young men and women of our archipelago have heard about, watched, or read them?
How many of us want to remember this dark chapter of our history?

For us, it is not about who killed who….
This is about a lost history (and the loss of history) in our lives.
Shouldn’t it be so, that if we know what has happened in the past, then we can understand why we stand here now, and where we want to go in the years to come?

So, this is what actually happen while the daughter of a former Lieutenant Colonel of Indonesian Air Force, and the grandson of dalang (wayang puppet-master) who was a political prisoner for 13 years, -like us- could talk about the dark chapters of history, that are also a part of their family histories….

“MWARTHIRIKA” is a visual performance without words, about that dark history which we tell in an imaginative way, like a fairy tale.

In this performance we use Swahili words for the title and the character’s names, and have created bunraku and kuruma ningyo puppets, which originate from Japan, to perform the story.

Yes, IT’S TRUE!!! We are celebrating the joy of choosing many things from many shelves. We are celebrating the cacaphony of transliterative history (the words of Agung Kurniawan – the process companion) in our work.

Maybe you will know some of the symbols, maybe not.
Don’t worry.
Just enjoy it…..

This is just one of the languages which we can use to tell stories from our history, which enriches us.

Maria Tri Sulistyani & Iwan Effendi
(Artistic Directors MWATHIRIKA)

all about MWATHIRIKA can be checked HERE !!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

a sneak peak of MWATHIRIKA

this is a journey of two red balloons ...

they stop while they saw a little sad boy sitting alone on the stair.
the balloons said that he supposed not to be so sad...

because someone who loves him so much will come soon,
and be ready to cheer his days...
..him... yes him..
his big brother

...and yes... he does!
because he always keep his promises...

"dear, my little brother...
just blow the red whistle...
and wait...
i will come to you and you'll never regret"

all characters, properties, photos are belong to "MWATHIRIKA" production
by papermoon puppet theatre

...a puppet play for teenagers and adults..

December 1-3, 2010
@ 8.00 pm
(dec, 3 @4.00pm : dedicated for deaf people )

Auditorium Lembaga Indonesia Prancis
Jl. Sagan No. 3 Yogyakarta

ticket price Rp.15.000,-

(if you want to take pictures of our performance, please come on november, 30th..
it's special for the people who loves to take photos!
ticket Rp.15.000,-)

reservation by phone : Yoyok (+62-81931775869)

"MWATHIRIKA" is a puppet play that was supported by KELOLA Foundation, HIVOS Foundation, Ford Foundation on Empowering Women Artists 2011 Program

Sunday, October 31, 2010

30 days to MWATHIRIKA !!!

hello guys!!

yup.. it's 30 days to MWATHIRIKA...

and our country had several big disasters that happened almost in the same time...
the big floods in Wasior- Papua, tsunami in Mentawai island-Sumatra, few times volcano eruption from Merapi mountain-Yogyakarta (which the ashes reached our studio in the middle of the city too) ...
so sad for this...
see these photos... these are the ashes covered papermoon's area.. which are more or less 30 km from the mountain area.. can you imagine... how about those people who live in merapi mountain ?

anyway... the show must go on...
the time is getting shorter... and still many things to do...
though we still keep planning to do something in the refugee camp, we still have to continue the process of MWATHIRIKA...

here i let you to peep the process ...

this is one of the setting... so excited to see this building a.k.a giant puppet to be built! and now we can see it really exist! yeiiy!! thank you iwan effendi, octo cornelius, anton "grewo" and beni!!!
we still have really long process, guys... but we are in a great track!! YEIY!!

..and this one...

this tricycle is called "BECAK"...
(look at the big smile that the BECAK driver has!!! you are photogenic, sir!! yeiiy!! )

because we don't have a big space to do the rehearsal, so we have to bring some settings and properties to other place for the rehearsal.. and we use BECAk for bringing our stuffs! ohhohoho!!! exciting, isn't it?!!

i took some pictures from my motorbike! can not stop to push the button!

and this is a short scene of MWATHIRIKA ..
there still no settings, no lights, no costume, and the puppets were not finished yet..
there will be lots of editing on this scene..

but still... for us it will be interesting if we can share the process to you too !!
so enjoy it, guys!!

yes... we are 30 days to MWATHIRIKA!
getting closer... and will be mORE FUN!!
and hope no more tears...

hugs from our lovely city...
hugs from Yogyakarta...

Saturday, October 23, 2010

joining the carnival !!!

between these crazy days in the studio for preparing MWATHIRIKA and PESTA BONEKA 2010 , Papermoon was joining the Jogja Java Carnival 2010 on October 16th.

This is a birthday carnival for our beloved city's, Jogja a.k.a Yogyakarta!
we walked along Malioboro streets ..
and that was the best part... while the super busy street was closed for vehicle and all people walked on malioboro streets!! yeiiyy!!!

i hope that malioboro do that at least every once in a week...
(let's cross your fingers too, guys)

well...that was a FUN experience, though we didn't have lots of time to be prepared.. (that was the worst thing...)
but still, meeting thousand people on the streets, and making some children cried were the great ways to break your busy days! ahahhahaha!!!
just kidding, guys...but yeah.. several kiddos were crying to see the puppets.. (so sorry little kiddos.. we just tried to smile at you...sniff..)
but just some of them were crying.. and mostly they laughed and hugged the puppets! Hooraayy!!!

so, i am.. showing the photos of the gang!

hope you enjoy it like we enjoy the parade, guys!!!

"we are waiting in the lines... "

"while the street was the kingdom of puppets"

"say hi !!!"

"this is Yolanda!!!"

"hey!! they are watching us!!"

"and they are trying to..."

"the human's temple"

and here are some of the papermoon gang!! :D