Friday, September 17, 2010

the process of MWATHIRIKA !!

hello guys!! :D
long time no see, right?
hmm.. in the future, i will keep giving you our stories about MWATHIRIKA.
what's that?

here we are!
in the middle of a long process of making our own play!

MWATHIRIKA.. is the tittle of the play.
MWATHIRIKA means "victim" in Swahili's language.
well... it is not a play about any African stories.. we just borrow the word and use it as the tittle of our play.

why do i choose Swahili's words as the tittle, and also as the names of the characters?
because it sounds beautiful, strange, but have meaning.

eeerrhhhh!!! it's really tough, but lots of challenge to do the process... i am so happy on doing this process!! SO HAPPY!! SOOOO EXCITED!!!
this is my first "1 hour" play's script for adults!
and this will be our first play after me and Iwan came back from United States (after the 6-months residency)

me, and Iwan Effendi, the other artistic director of MWATHIRIKA (which also my husband) have been working on this theme since last year...

and these past few months we have been brainstorming, sketching, writing, drawing, reading, watching movie, discussing... sleeping.... day dreaming....

and most of the time we just starring each other... because we have nothing in our brain.

yes.. NOTHING! fiiiuuhhh....
well.. if i have this condition, i always say to myself, that stress is the part of creating things...

mm.. am i right? are you with me?

but, yes it's true, guys.. i really love this process...

I got the grant from Kelola Foundation, Hivos Foundation and Ford Foundation from the Empowering Woman Artists 2010-2011 program, to do this project.
i am so honored to get the chance to be their grantee... because they trust our vision. me and 4 other women artist from the whole archipelagos in Indonesia got the grant! and i am so pleased to be around them...

anyway... i would love to show you what Iwan did these past days..
he did the drawings of the puppets, and the stage design!

can't wait to make the puppets and directly MAKING everything, as soon as possible!
can't wait to see you on december 1-3rd at Lembaga Indonesia Prancis, Yogyakarta.. to watch the play, guys!!!
can't wait to give all the best that we can!