Sunday, October 31, 2010

30 days to MWATHIRIKA !!!

hello guys!!

yup.. it's 30 days to MWATHIRIKA...

and our country had several big disasters that happened almost in the same time...
the big floods in Wasior- Papua, tsunami in Mentawai island-Sumatra, few times volcano eruption from Merapi mountain-Yogyakarta (which the ashes reached our studio in the middle of the city too) ...
so sad for this...
see these photos... these are the ashes covered papermoon's area.. which are more or less 30 km from the mountain area.. can you imagine... how about those people who live in merapi mountain ?

anyway... the show must go on...
the time is getting shorter... and still many things to do...
though we still keep planning to do something in the refugee camp, we still have to continue the process of MWATHIRIKA...

here i let you to peep the process ...

this is one of the setting... so excited to see this building a.k.a giant puppet to be built! and now we can see it really exist! yeiiy!! thank you iwan effendi, octo cornelius, anton "grewo" and beni!!!
we still have really long process, guys... but we are in a great track!! YEIY!!

..and this one...

this tricycle is called "BECAK"...
(look at the big smile that the BECAK driver has!!! you are photogenic, sir!! yeiiy!! )

because we don't have a big space to do the rehearsal, so we have to bring some settings and properties to other place for the rehearsal.. and we use BECAk for bringing our stuffs! ohhohoho!!! exciting, isn't it?!!

i took some pictures from my motorbike! can not stop to push the button!

and this is a short scene of MWATHIRIKA ..
there still no settings, no lights, no costume, and the puppets were not finished yet..
there will be lots of editing on this scene..

but still... for us it will be interesting if we can share the process to you too !!
so enjoy it, guys!!

yes... we are 30 days to MWATHIRIKA!
getting closer... and will be mORE FUN!!
and hope no more tears...

hugs from our lovely city...
hugs from Yogyakarta...


kodokhijau said...

rasanya pengen kabur kerja sehari demi nonton MWATHIRIKA. pergi ke jogja naik kereta malem tanggal 30 nov, nonton MWATHIRIKA tanggal 1 des lalu langsung pulang lagi naik pesawat paling malem tanggal 1 des atau pesawat paling pagi tanggal 2 des. *semoga ide gila ini terwujud.

kasih info nya ya mbak kapan pentasnya biar bisa pesen tiket jauh2 hari, hehehehehe

aphrodita wibowo said...

semangaaat mbak ria... nggak sabar juga nunggu tgl 30... :p

papermoon puppet theatre said...

@mbak kodokhijau : helooo!! ayoayoayoo!! wujudkan idegilamu ituu!! dijamin tidak akan menyesaaal!! hihihihi (let me intoduce you to aphrodita wibowo... mbak yang satu ini sudah dapet tiket [esawat untuk ke jogja untuk nonton mwathirika!! yeiiy!! :D)

@jeng cemprut : HOREE!!! tak sabar jugaaa!! (dagdigdug gak karuan!)

kodokhijau said...

Halo Mbak Aphrodita :)
huaaaa... aku jadi tertantang mewujudkan ide gila untuk kabur ke Jogja sehari.

Oiya, MWATHIRIKA nya pentas berapa hari mbak? ada yang pentas hari jumat ga? kalo ada ya berarti aku lebih aman untuk kaburnya nih. hehehehehehe. kabur hari kamis sore pulang ngajar langsung naik kereta ke Jogja dan bisa pulang ke Jakarta lagi hari minggu nya.

papermoon puppet theatre said...

helo mbak kodokijo!! :D
ada dong ada dong.. 1-3 desember itu kan rabu kamis jumat!!!
jam setengah8 malem kok pentasnya!
AYOOOO!! segeralah ngacir kemarii!!
:D heheheheh

Anonymous said...

Duh kriwil...aku rindu kalian.sukses ya untuk pentasnya.tetap semangat dan sukses ya.sssttt....sampaikan salamku semua.

papermoon puppet theatre said...

trimakasiiih!!! :D ayo ayoo dateng nontoon!!

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