Thursday, December 9, 2010

the pictures of MWATHIRIKA..

these fabulous photos were taken by indra wicaksono from pakjepret on first day of MWATHIRIKA's performance....

...and here is the magic...

when Baba met Haki...

it's circus time!!!

circus circus!!

...when those people started to disappear...

lonely Tupu... may i wipe your tears?

the red hat...

meet the family...

and this one is my favorite!!
...counting the days...


JON said...


papermoon said...

thank you so much, jon!!!

lanang said...

wooowwww .... keren ...
so magic ....
i like your favorite picture too
like Jesus born image ...

papermoon said...


kalo tau ceritanya pasti nggak jadi bilang gitu deh, mas... hiks...
di jakarta pentas bulan januari!! harus nonton yaaaaaa!!!

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