Saturday, August 21, 2010

Papermoon was spending a month in Singapore!

we really had a great time and wonderful experience to do this project!!!
Papermoon puppet theatre joined the Yfest 2010 that was held by Esplanade Theater on the Bay. What a GREAT PROJECT to join!!! Yeiiyy!!!!

Papermoon Puppet Theatre was invited by Esplanade to go to Singapore for a residency project !!!
Ria (artistic director), Iwan (artistic engineer), Octo (puppet builder), Anton'Grewo' (puppet builder), Gea (costume designer) and Yennu (music director) were staying for almost a month in Singapore to facilitate a- 2,5 weeks puppet workshop for youth. Yup... we worked together with 25 students from ITE Tampines from IMD class.

we used garbage as the basic material for making the puppets.

...and all of us did magic to make it into these wonderful puppets!

hohohoho.. no.. not a magic... just use glue gun, duct tape, paint, and tons of FUN!

the students were not coming from theater or art background. Most of them told us that they never performed before! So that was their first experience to perform in front of the audience.
and we kept saying that...

"what we will do is invading Esplanade.. so no worries... because we are strangers!"

and they did it!!! we did it!!!!
after 20 minutes roving performances in 4 different spots ( there were 4 different groups made different act in 4 different spots!!!), we ended up to perform in the forecourt of Esplanade for 15 minutes...

we made a short story about a very rich couple, that had the biggest super mall in the whole world. They sell everything! even president, planet, spaceship and also human being for a pleasure! (sigh...)
all the shopper keep buying things from their super mall. but by buying more, they throw more stuffs too! they don't realize that those garbage they made become a great house for the cockroaches...
so, they have a fighting scene to get rid the cockroaches.. but the nature keep rolling... The big worms family come out to eat everything, and either the money that the rich couple have.

The performance end up with the dancing cockroaches, try to cheer the rich couple up. That money is not the most important in their life, but having lots of dear friends beside you in your saddest time, is the biggest treasure you have...

after 2,5 weeks workshop, and 3 days performance, all were wrapped!

after those long mails, those sweat days, those stings of hot glue gun, those big stress, those meetings until late night, those laughs, those hard works, those silly things that we did together, those hand-knots, and thousands of photos we made, we had to say good bye (for a while)!!!

yup... it was a wonderful experience to work with you, guys...
hope to see you soon!!!

*thank you so much zai sapari, amer hamzah, hera ariani, indra wicaksono for these wonderful pictures