Saturday, February 26, 2011

MAU APA : India version !!!

We came back from joining an international puppet festival in New Delhi -India!!

Yup.. we were invited by Ishara Puppet Theater that was held their 9th International Puppet Festival.
We spent 2 weeks in New Delhi, performed everyday, and saw different puppet performances from different countries, every single night!
what a great treat!!!

"Pakde Bas, a.k.a Uncle Bas" ... the character of MAU APA : Indian version
he is a 70 years old-feels like 40 years old man.
Traveled to India to share what people want in their life...
...the things that money can not buy!

...You can find what you need in his white sack...

We were performing "MAU APA: Indian version" in this festival. MAU APA was an interactive puppet play that was initiated by me and Anna Loewendahl (Australian director - gosh.. she is fantastic!). For the first time we were performing "MAU APA: Yogyakarta version" on 2009.
That time i was performing MAU APA with Yosafat Diaswikarta, and directed by Anna Loewendahl.

Then i did another version of MAU APA in "MAU APA : New York version" on 2010 in several cities of United States of America, such as New York and Washington DC.
That time i was performing together with Ethan Fishbane, an actor studies at NYU.

So this time, bringing the simplest MAU APA's version to India... i was performing alone... and the puppet was made by Iwan Effendi.

Became different with another version, MAU APA : India version just shared 3 important things in people's life. Famous, Happiness, and Love.
and guess what was becoming the number one thing that Indian people want in their life?
became FAMOUS!!! :D
lots of boys and girls chose that one, and they wanted to be a famous movie star, dancer, singer, either a violist.

surrounded by the audiences!!!
what a busy old man!

and guess what???
they were not shy at all to do their best performance for Uncle Bas !!
That was so great!! :D

got a sweet kiss from a wonderful little girl!!!

do a little collaboration with Wayang Ajen
- wayang golek group from Indonesia!

a little dance with puppet lady from India!

and meeting those wonderful puppeteers from different countries?!!!

John Baixas and Marina Baixas, Spain
they adopted one of our little puppet !!!

Circo Poetico, Italy
a bunch of family that do puppetry !!!
they adopted one of our little puppet, too!! :D

String Theater , UK
we promised to meet again on 2012 in Yogyakarta for Papermoon's PESTA BONEKA #3 !!!
they adopted the only woman puppet! :D

Stefan Carelius and Mr. Cengiz Ozek from Karagoz, Istanbul-Turkey
see you soon in Kukla Istanbul!! :D
they adopted one of our little puppet too!! :D

and yup.. we promised to meet again... on 2012.. on PESTA BONEKA#3 in Yogyakarta - in our biennial puppet festival!! yeiiy!!

...small team of us...


aphrodita wibowo said...

congret papermoon... maju terus pantang mundur... kibarkan bendera kalian diseluruh duniaaa... hokyaaaaa......!!!

Miy said...

You do deserve a kiss (and more) uncle Bas.. <3

The Picnic Girl

Anna Loewendahl said...

Fantastic! Mau Apa? goes to India...I wish I had been there too to meet Uncle Bas...I think next it will be Mau Apa? Melbourne, Australia to discover what the Aussies really want!!

All my best wishes.....Ax

embunmuda said...

..waaa... keren mba ria dan mas iwan..

*saya jadi ga sabar nonton pentasnya di jogja lagi niy.. asiiik...

papermoon said...

@jeng cemprut: cihuuy!! :D trimakasih ya mbakee!! muah muah!

@mbakpikenik: kecup balik dari pakde bas for you, mbak!! ehhe

@anna : i wish that you were there.. performing with pakde Bas!! Miss you bunch, dear!!! :*

@mbak embun : cihuuuii!! dinanti mbak embuun!! yang terdekat malah di ibukota ni.. kemungkinan bulan juli.. hihihi ahoi!

kodokhijau said...

mau kenalan sama Pakde Bas dong Mbak...
aku mau dikabarin kalau Papermoon pentas lagi. selama masih di Indonesia, mungkin aku akan mengejarnya

papermoon said...

ahahaha!! rojer mbak cantik!!! :D
juli di jakarta nampaknya... kamu bisa kenalan sama penghuni papermoon yang lain!!;)

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