Tuesday, July 19, 2011

SIRDUSKARKUS rocks Kota Tua -Jakarta !!

Hola guys!
well..well.. like i've told you in this post... that we were in the middle of two awesome projects, and one of them is SIRDUSKARKUS !!
so yeah.. finally we performed SIRDUSKARKUS, world premiere.. in Jakarta !! yeiiy!!
it's wrapped!! :D

SIRDUSKARKUS rocks Kota Tua-Jakarta- a heritage area in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia..on July 16th, 2011 !!

what a precious experience for us..
performed in an open space, had an intimate interaction with the audiences, surrounded with hundreds of people, and shared the love and laughs to every people there!

yeah.. we were so lucky to be part of Festival Wayang Nusantara 2011 , and share the love to all of you, guys!!

so.. here are the photos of the performance...
photos were taken by Kristoforus Bagaskoro, and Agung N. Wibowo.. two dearest friends of us!! yeiiy!!

"SIRDUSKARKUS" is a play for all ages, non verbal, mixed between actors, human-sized puppets, bunraku-style puppets, shadow puppets and mask

about a city...
... where clowns become the citizen of it...
... where the clowns just want to play, want to feel happy, and they do everything to get anything they want...
... where old couples have to get deals with the speed of the city...
... where old couples can beat the clown, with only a balloon.. ;)

for the complete stories, you can check it HERE !! ;) .. the lovely notes written by Kristoforus Bagaskoro

the team :

Maria Tri Sulistyani a.k.a Ria Papermoon

guest director
Ben Fox

puppet builders & puppeteers
Octo Cornelius
Anton Grewo Fajri
Beni Sanjaya

music director
Yennu Ariendra

Backdrop painterWulang Sunu


Kristoforus Bagaskoro said...

Great show by lovely people deserves great appreciation. Much love and respect!

aphrodita wibowo said...

aku tunggu pementasan di jogja, pengen nonton tanpa nyempil-nyempil ;p now i officially get addicted with all papermoon did ;p spread the love for ya guys :)

Gone Kodokhijau said...

sirduskarkus nya superkeren.
aku menunggu kapan papermoon pentas lagi.
aku pasti nonton. aku kan groupies nya papermoon. hehehehehe

Betty Boop Figurines said...

Great artists are always born that way. Seems like they are really professionals.

Details In Fabrics said...

Kak Ria, di Jogja ada pementasan lagi gak? Hari minggu-Rabu saya akan berkunjung ke JOgja hhwhw yg di kota tua kemarin kelewatan infonya hahaha


papermoon said...

thanks all!! :D thank you so much!
we are preparing our new production that will be performed on December 2011!! so.. wait and see!! :D

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