Tuesday, July 12, 2011

a tour on 2012... a bless !!!!

hello guys...
do you remember this posting, about some guests visited Papermoon Puppet Theatre on February 2011?

yup.. that was Center Stage team from United States..
they were visiting 6 finalist ensembles from Indonesia, then after a long process, they chose 3 ensembles from Indonesia to do USA tour on 2012.

They just chose 10 ensembles from more than 200 ensembles from different part of the world..

and what a bless...


Papermoon Puppet Theatre will do a tour of MWATHIRIKA to several cities in USA on 2012!!

while Center Stage team visited us.. ;)

will be lots of things to do.. but YEAH!! this is SUPER EXCITED!!! :D
Thank God, thank Fams, thank friends...
wish us luck!!



Boniceae said...

horeee....... !!! kami ikut senaaaannnggg.....
peluk...peluuuukkk.... muaaccchhhhhhh....

Ethan Nicholas said...

papermoon deserves it! congrats congrats congrats! can't wait to see you in the hometown again!!!

papermoon said...

trimakasih boniceae!!! peluk JUGAA!! :*

@mas ethan : can not wait to see you!! and you will watch MWATHIRIKA mas!! woohooooo!!! HUGE HUGS!!

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