Saturday, August 20, 2011

CIRCUS OF LIFE : Papermoon Puppet Theatre Solo Exhibition

Yes !!!
This is the time for CIRCUS OF LIFE !!!

Human’s life is a circus tent.

There are happiness, triumph, failure, fear, certainty, uncertainty, prestige, clapping hands, though invective...

Human’s life is a circus play.

Beautiful to be watched, but lots of pain inside...

The audience seems never care. They just know how to clap and how to curse.

Human’s life, need the circus time..

For helping people to release the pain and sadness. For having a break after the huge routinity.

To see the beauty of imagination... before facing their real life again.

CIRCUS OF LIFE is our solo exhibition about the working elderly in big cities..

Featuring real narratives based on conversations with elderly people, this puppet and video installation is the result of a few months research and three-day workshop where students developed storyboards that formed the basis for the Papermoon artists’ creation of sets and puppets.

The Tunnel and Theater Cones, Esplanade Theatre of The Bay, Singapore!

August 12th, 2011 to September 26th, 2011

Circus Of Life is a commisioned work that's fully supported by Esplanade, Singapore.

big thanks to :
The Almighty,
Visual Arts Esplanade, Agnes Lim, Tiffani Wang, Eileen,Tim Tay, Vincent and the gank,
ITE TAmpines, Zai Sapari, students of ITE Tampines who joined the workshop and do the research,
and the whole dearest friends of Papermoon Puppet Theatre for the supports!