Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Setjangkir Kopi dari Plaja

about our new play "Setjangkir Kopi dari Plaja"
.. a non verbal puppet play in an antique shop..
based on a true story of an Indonesian history...


"A cup of Coffee from Playa"

is about a cup of coffee that you made especially for me..

.. about the time we spent happily together when we were young..

... about the books that we read...

... about the love that we shared...

... about the picture that ever captured...

... about the commitment we made.

until the day came..

when i have to say good bye for a while...

..when you tried to describe how the feeling inside..

.. i said don't be sad, my darling...

i was very honored.
it's the thing that i can give to our beloved country..
it's just a short good bye for a little while.

well... time flew..

and i always love the moment while i sent the letters to you..

though my friends kept teasing me,
because they know how much we love each other.

.. until those black days came...

... did i tell you it's just a little good bye for a little while, darling?
i really hope, it did.
i am very sorry..

i just want to come back,
wipe your tears and put the ring back to your finger...
and saying that i am fine...

i wish i could sit in your side in our wedding ceremony that we planned...

i wish...

but here i am, my darling...
staying in a never land while i can't stop thinking of coming back..

..until i got these wrinkles on my face...
.. the hunchback body because of my age...

but they call me again, my darling...
after 40 years of waiting!

i will be home soon!

.. and live those memories that left behind!

riding the old bike with you by my side!

.. and i hope you can make me another cup of coffee like those days,
my darling...

.. but time flew...

and it's not only about me and you.

it's not only about how i feel for you.

based on a true story, performed in an antique shop.

"Setjangkir Kopi dari Plaja" is a production of Papermoon Puppet Theatre, INDONESIA
(December 2011)

photos by Hera Ariani and Indra Wicaksono
story by Ria Papermoon

*polaroid photo by Seterhen Akbar from Riset Indie

for the whole stories of the play, please click:


printiland said...

standing ovation :)
ceritanya sedih,meskipun ga nonton tapi digambarkan sangat menarik,jadi ikut hanyut..salut buat papermoon team ^_^

THE BLAME said...

sedih sekalii.ini tentang tentara yang menunggu kabar kapan akan dipulangkan ya? (kalo ga salah terka)

kuwacikecil said...

ini ceritanya tentang mahasiswa yang dikirim tugas dinas belajar tahun 1960-an, dan mendadak kehilangan kewarganegaraan-nya sejak September 1965, Blame..

Lia said...

aihhh how very interesting..bakal ada lagi??? di jakarta? mau dong nonton :)

asimetris said...

kereenn,, padahal,uda dapet critanya dari yg nonton langsung, baca bookletnya, skarang baca+liat poto2nya di blog,, tetep aja bikin terharu,,

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