Saturday, June 11, 2011

this is what happened in LIVE! Singapore 2011 !! ;)

We joined LIVE! Singapore 2011 in the beginning of the month.
Gee... this is our very first performing arts fair.. yes, it made us nervous at the first time..
but we had precious moments and wonderful experience!!

We thank Goethe Institute Jakarta for inviting, and sponsoring us for this event... and also for oom Valentine Willie, and the gank of VWFA who opened their door and letting us stay for 5 days there! ;)

it happened inside this building! :)

Global Cultural Exchange..

the lounge... ooooo.. :O

this is our booth..
the puppets are welcoming you!!

people who visited our booth.. ;)

making nice conversation
in the beginning of collaboration! :D

meet old friends!!!
Simon from Polyglot Theater!! :D

and this is Papermoon team!! :D