Sunday, November 13, 2011

sneak pics of papermoonVINTAGE !

hello guys!

Papermoon is preparing a new project right now!
we will perform our new play, that will be held on December 2011 !
yes! it's a month to go! and we are so excited about it! :D

it will be a very different kind of puppet play from those that we ever made before!
so.. here are the clues:

1. it will be a site specific performance (it won't take any usual theater space)
2. it's VINTAGE theme

3. we'll take you on a journey
4. there will be no ticket box, so you HAVE TO do the reservation! :D
5. for every play, the seats will be suitable for 15 people only!

hohoho.. so excited!!! :D
so.. here are the photos we took while we did the research for the play! :D

so.. see you on the next sneak peak, guys!!!

gosh.. we are so excited!!!

*follow @riapapermoon on twitter, and check the hashtag of #papermoonVINTAGE ! ;)

for the whole information about the new play, please check :