Saturday, March 31, 2012

LIVING ROOM : about the room that truly lives...

LIVING ROOM is a solo exhibition by Papermoon Puppet Theatre, Yogyakarta.
This exhibition brought the idea about the room that truly lives,
where there must be an interaction between people, that will bring the life into the room.

Based on the idea of LIVING ROOM exhibition that we did at
Koganecho, Yokohama, Japan..
in Bandung, we built a site specific artworks in two spaces of S14.

One is in the gallery (which is a living room),

and one is in the library.

The artwork in the gallery is an interactive puppet installation.

There are few little puppets were hung there,
and only one yellow head puppet was hung there.

The yellow head puppet will need 4 or 5 people to move the whole part of his body.

To start to give him a little breathe,
then introduce him to a little step,
to move his head to show him the world,
to smell his hands,

then to dance along!

Under the yellow head puppet, there's a lady is laying down inside an incubator.
she's not a baby.. but again, she couldn't move by herself.

actually, she will need 2 person to bring her alive.

and when you tried to bring the room into life,

the room will keep it's eyes on you..


In the library, you will see some little creatures ..

peeping from the bookshelves,

sitting in some place with their gloomy eyes.

and if you ask, who they are..

they're just no one but the hidden memory from the previous life.

In the other corner of the library, you will find a musical drawing installation.
It tells a story about the old town Koganecho that was transformed
these days.

this genius artwork was made by Iwan Effendi,
the co.artistic director of Papermoon.

Well.. of course..
this exhibition will be nothing, without hundreds of lovely people who came
in our bright afternoon..

Lots of people came for our opening and presentation.

and many of them couldn't be fit in the presentation room...

we were performing our 7 minutes mini play in the garage..
and that was a lovely evening...

in the other days, we made puppet workshop that was attended by 22 participants.

yes, we were blessed,
and so honored to get this chance to share about what we are doing to more people.

This wonderful project won't ever be happened
without the invitation, the HUGE and warm heart
from a lovely, brilliant, energetic and adorable couple
who runs S 14..

..Mbak Herra Pahlasari and Abang "Ucok" Aminudin T.H. Siregar

we thank you...

so much...

for every single thing...


by Papermoon Puppet Theatre

s.14 | 18 Maret - 15 April 2012

art space & library open Tuesday-Friday, 10 am - 5 pm, Monday closed, Sat & Sun by appointment. contact : +62 815 7373 7138


cara alami mengobati kista said...

wah lagi kumpul" nih??

printiland said...

^_^ proud of you papermoon..

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