Wednesday, May 30, 2012

MWATHIRIKA goes to bandung !!

for you .. who never met them before...
or you, who want to meet them again...

a humble single father, one handed,
and love the family more than anything in the world...

the eldest son in Baba's family.
a young man.. 10 years old.. 
whose taking care his brother as long as he could.

the youngest boy of Baba's family...
4 years old, and always feel happy...

the neighbor of Baba, another single parent..
who just want to take care of her daughter.
He is like us.. just want to live safe...

the only daughter of Haki..
always sits on her wheelchair, and having a soft heart
like a sugar candy...

With a new settings, new materials,
different color,
more details on the act,
MWATHIRIKA will be presented again!!!

JUNE 15-16 , 2012
at IFI (former CCF)
Jl. Purnawarman No. 32
Bandung 40117

ticket : Rp. 30.000,- ONLY !!

tickets will be available at Tobucil N Klabs Dua
Jl. Aceh no.56 Bandung ..
starts on June 1st !

 'MWATHIRIKA' was grantee of Empowering Women Artists 2010 
by Kelola Foundation, HIVOS, and FORD Foundation.
  on September-October 2012, 'MWATHIRIKA' will be invited to do 1 month tour to USA by Center Stage ..

MWATHIRIKA goes to Bandung is fully sponsored by IFI Bandung,
and fully supported by
Tobucil, Vitarlenology, S 14

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