Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Fundraising of PESTA BONEKA#3 & Warming Play before USA Tour!

Just before we grab our  gigantic suitcases full with puppets, sets and properties for 5 weeks tour with Center Stage in USA on September-Oct 2012..

we would love to present our piece : MWATHIRIKA, for our beloved friends in Yogya...

and in the same evening, we would love to invite all of you, to start on supporting our Biennale Puppet Festival : PESTA BONEKA #3, that will be held on December 2012..

Biennale Puppet Festival by Papermoon Puppet Theatre
Warming Play before USA TOUR 2012:

Thursday / August 30, 2012
7.30 pm
( don't be late, and bring the invitation, please)

@ Padepokan Bagong Kussudiardja, Ds. Kembaran, Bantul Yogyakarta 

FREE with invitation

you can get the invitation here::
Kedai Kebun Forum
Jl. Tirtodipuran No.3 Yogyakarta
11.00 - 19.00 WIB
all day, except on tuesday


In the same evening, we would love to ask you to, also.. support PESTA BONEKA #3 : The Biennale Puppet Festival that will be held on December 2012 in Yogyakarta.

We will open a Booth, with special background and of course, with the puppets!
So, anyone, who will donate, minimum Rp.50.000,- will get a chance for a free photo session! :D

So.. for you who lives in Indonesia...this is how you can support us!


Rp. 50.000,-         
we will THANK YOU, and you will feel happy for doing a good thing, then you will get a chance to get a FREE photo session in our special booth!!

Rp. 100.000,-           
you will get all above, and a special postcard will be sent by a gorgeous postman! ;)

Rp. 300.000,-            
you will get all above, plus A wonderful POCKETBOOK from  Papermoon feat. Vitarlenology ..

Rp. 500.000,-           
Your heart will feel warm, very happy because you are a nice person!
we will THANK YOU, then You will get a FREE photo session in our special booth, a gorgeous postman will send you a postcard from us, and a silk screened, handmade TOTE BAG!!! 

Rp. 1.000.000,-          
You will feel blessed, you know how to share with people!
we will THANK YOU, then we will capture you on a FREE photo session in our photo booth, then a gorgeous postman will send a special postcard and an exclusive NOTE BOOK.. made out of book papers, and synthetic leather, with your name printed on the cover! this wonderful , handmade notebook, is presented by Papermoon and Vitarleonogy !

Rp. 3.000.000,- or more 
Trust me...your donation is a precious thing for many people!
You support an event that becomes a part from many people life!
we THANK YOU ... all the puppeteers will THANK YOU...
the puppet lovers will THANK YOU!!
then you will get a chance to be captured in a FREE Photo SESSION, a gorgeous postman will send a POSTCARD, PLUS.....

a WOODEN puppet will be made, especially for YOU!
it will be CUSTOMIZED based on your character... and will be packed in a TIN BOX!
Yes.. you will receive an exclusive, precious puppet.. from Papermoon Puppet Theatre!

So..we really hope to meet you, friends..
and your support is one big step to the growth of Puppetry world !

Huge hugs,

well.. hope to see you there.. and please wish us luck, guys!!

HUGE hugs!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

"illuminate my story" : Iwan effendi feat. Papermoon for ARTJOG 2012

we were having another chance to do a collaborating work again with Iwan Effendi.
On July 2012, Iwan Effendi feat, Papermoon Puppet Theatre were invited to join ARTJOG 2012.

The ARTJOG 2012 committee invited us to install an artwork in a special spot.
Then Iwan decided to make an installation, based on Papermoon's performance : "Secangkir Kopi dari Playa". (click in the tittle if you want to know about the play)

"Illuminate the story" is the tittle of the puppet installation.
This installation is based on a true story of a young man who were exiled for 40 years by the new orde government, from his own country, Indonesia, just because he was sent by the first President of Indonesia to learn Metalurgic in  Uni Sovyet.

All things about him suddenly disappeared for 40 years.
No news for the families, friends, and fiancee.
He lost his citizenship, and don't know when he can comeback home.

Until now, he's still there.
Always keep his promise, to love his country, and to keep his promise to his long lost lover.
He is still there.
Starring at his lovely hometown from far, with his 75 years old eyes.

Friday, August 3, 2012

a month to our departure for USA tour...

now is a month before our departure for our 5 weeks tour to 5 cities in USA.
you can check the program, and the schedule --> HERE

well... this will be the very first time for Papermoon to do tour abroad.
there will be 8 people travel, and supposed to bring light settings and properties of the play.
so.. here what we do on our preparation, guys!!
crazy but fun!

this is the mock-up of the stage.
we need to send the photos of the mock up to show the measurement of the set.
we choose to make the handmade one, and not the digital one.
i hope it helps.. ;P

and this is the sketch..

and these are the knocked down construction of the sets.
on the first show of MATHIRIKA, we build every sets from woods.
and now we change them into aluminium bars and fabrics.. ;)

and could be packed into these boxes..


 all knocked down!! :D


well... we are still learning on doing this..
wish us luck , so we can pass the custom declare table easily, guys!!