Friday, August 3, 2012

a month to our departure for USA tour...

now is a month before our departure for our 5 weeks tour to 5 cities in USA.
you can check the program, and the schedule --> HERE

well... this will be the very first time for Papermoon to do tour abroad.
there will be 8 people travel, and supposed to bring light settings and properties of the play.
so.. here what we do on our preparation, guys!!
crazy but fun!

this is the mock-up of the stage.
we need to send the photos of the mock up to show the measurement of the set.
we choose to make the handmade one, and not the digital one.
i hope it helps.. ;P

and this is the sketch..

and these are the knocked down construction of the sets.
on the first show of MATHIRIKA, we build every sets from woods.
and now we change them into aluminium bars and fabrics.. ;)

and could be packed into these boxes..


 all knocked down!! :D


well... we are still learning on doing this..
wish us luck , so we can pass the custom declare table easily, guys!!



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