Thursday, April 18, 2013

on going project : "Laki Laki Laut" (Men of the Sea)

it's been quite sometime for not updating what  happened with Papermoon.
the blog seems very quite, and nothing happened.. but actually we are insane here.. heheh.

Ok, So here is one of our on going project.
 Iwan Effendi feat. Papermoon Puppet Theatre were invited by ARTJOG commitee to do a commissioned work for a huge annual event in Yogya on July 2013.

The theme of the event this year is "Maritime Culture".
Why maritime? well.. by seeing that Indonesia has 13.446 islands surrounded by watery area on 2/3 part of the country, we have to admit that Indonesia is a maritime country, don't we?

But maritime is not only about the boats.. it's not only about sailor and the fishermen..

By doing a research about maritime culture, we managed to go to the northern part of Java island.
Lasem, Rembang and Tuban, were three towns that we visited in the beginning of the year.



By seeing the colors, learning about the history and the culture in those area where the big ports on Java started centuries ago (and now just nothings there)... we found a different point of view about it..

for us....
maritime, is about a journey. 
about blending the culture.
about finding a better place.
about a circular power.
about mythology.
about where we are now.

 and here are the sneak peek of what we are doing...

we are making a gigantic installation
(well gigantic for us that always do small performance, actually)

and will do outdoor performance for 2 days!
We'll see you on July 13-14th, guys..

wish us luck! :D