Thursday, June 27, 2013

us on ARTJOG 2013

Iwan Effendi feat. Papermoon Puppet Theatre

we invite you..
yes, all of you...
to come and feel the experience, of "Finding Lunang",
together with "Men of The Sea"...

opening exhibition:
Saturday , July 6th ,2013
7.00 pm

"Laki-Laki Laut" ( Men of The Sea )
Satuday-Sunday, July 13-14th, 2013
8.00 pm (and please don't be late)

free of charge!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

1 month to : Laki Laki Laut

it's 1 month to go to Laki Laki Laut.
the time get closer, the deadline is on,
the alarm get ready to beep..

and these are what we can share from what we've been doing for these past 3 months...
(well... not including the brainstorming that was happened for more than 6 months, though... :P )

these are the tiny puppets..
well.. the part of them, i mean..
no secret.. they are made out of papers! :)

7 big puppets..

clay puppets' shoot for the video...

the memories changed into spider web,
which transformed into the skin...

and our exploration on colouring the fabric
by using rusted roofs and plates.
yes, roof.. literally .. Papermoon's roof! :)

even our curator was curious trying the technique..

and the brain, the architect, the artist...
(and the construction of our installation)

so we hope you can see these people within a month, guys..

there, we will introduce you to
 our Men of The Sea
(Laki-Laki Laut)

-Papermoon Puppet Theatre feat. Iwan Effendi
commissioned artist for ARTJOG 2013-
July 2013