Sunday, July 21, 2013

Laki Laki Laut ( Men of the Sea)

Laki-Laki Laut ( Men of The Sea)
is a story about the journey of several men who traveled around the globe, 
to find the young archipelago.

Lunang, is the young archipelago whose names is famous throughout the port cities.
Its charm attracted many sea explorers in a quest of discovery.

They believe that Lunang posseses stunning natural beauty with many valuables 
and that the home land is home to variety of trees that produces the most delicious fruits.

Armed with curiousity, the adventurers set out an expedition in search of Lunang.

But Lunang always remains a mistery, as well as the dream of all men of the sea.

 And the journey was never end,
though someone finally found the mistery of the young archipelago.
Lunang is there..
standing still, surrounded by all spirits who protect him all the time.
Until today.


"Laki-Laki Laut" (Men of the sea) is a visual show, a collaboration of
puppetry, choreography, video art, music and lighting.
This fictional story is based on the memoirs of ocean explorers in their quest in finding the archipelago
of Indonesia.
Based on "Finding Lunang", the installation work of Iwan Effendi and Papermoon Puppet Theatre,
Men of The Sea is staged to animate the characters potrayed in the installation.

as always, we invited audiences to get closer, 
meet our casts, touch the puppets, learn to animate them, 
and the bonus was... hours of taking pictures! :)

then all credit goes to the wonderful team!!

Conceptor : Iwan Effendi & Maria Tri Sulistyani
Artistic Director : Iwan Effendi
Director : Maria Tri Sulistyani
Scriptwriter : Maria Tri Sulistyani
Artistic Team : Anton Fajri, Beni Sanjaya, Octo Cornelius, Supono, Wulang Sunu, Ali Efendi
Music Composer : Yennu Ariendra & Asa Rahmana ( BELKASTRELKA )
Video Artist : Doni Maulistya
Lighting Designer : Banjar Tri Andaru Cahyo
Wardrobe by : Atinna Rizqiana, Maria Tri Sulistyani, Retno Intiani
Coreographer : Paranditya Wintarni
Puppeteer & Dancer :  Anton Fajri, Beni Sanjaya, Octo Cornelius, Supono, Wulang Sunu, Maria Tri Sulistyani, Paranditya Wintarni, Indiartari Kussnowari, Kinanti Sekar Rahina, Arjuni.
Narator : Endah SR
Sound Engineer : Tebleh Prabowo
photographer : Indra Wicaksono and Swandi Ranadilla
Producer : ARTJOG 2013


bjonnicus said...

Mau nonton lagi...! :D btw, kangen denger klonengannya Belkastrelka..

J.O said...

Istimewa sekali..dolan Lasem, golek Jubin dadine Lunang.

Say Hi to Jumbuh Karo Kahanane ! said...

keren bingit !