Sunday, August 25, 2013

a jaw dropping girl names FRAU.

After years been thinking and talking about the idea of making "a thing" togehter with a girl names Leilani, finally the time is here!

Lani- which is the one and only musician at FRAU- will launch her second album that will make your mind flying around.

It's not hard to work with this lovely lady, since we have the common thing : 
love to perform in an intimate space, with an intimate feeling, in front of not so many people.

So here we are..
Papermoon Puppet Theatre will be the artistic team for FRAU's second album launch.

See you in the venue, lovely people!!

don't forget to bring your best ear and heart!

please feel free to download FRAU's songs here :


Ajeng Sitoresmi said...

ga kedapetan tiket T.T (*hikz sedih)