Saturday, September 21, 2013

"Secangkir Kopi dari Playa" goes to Jakarta

"Secangkir Kopi dari Playa" is our production on December 2011.
We always want to perform this piece again and again... but actually it was not easy to find the right moment to do it..
Since this piece is actually a bit complicated.

It was performed in a secret place... well it was performed in a hidden antique shop, with a vintage tour, that you can read here:

So, now we find the right moment to do it again!
Goethe Institute invited us to perform this piece, in Jakarta.
and still .. we will do that in a secret place! :D

Instead of selling the tickets, which won't be happen this time...
We ask people to get the ticket in advance, by giving us one object  that they want to forget , including the story of their memories.

Yes, the performance is FOR FREE !!
and limited only for 30 people for each performance... 

so, please check the clues to get the ticket..
since this is not a usual performance.. :) 

we hope to see you there, dear..
and let's share our memories...