Wednesday, October 29, 2014

PESTA BONEKA #4 : International Biennale Puppet Festival in Yogyakarta !

International Biennale Puppet Festival
Yogyakarta, Indonesia 2014
5-7 December 2014

PESTA BONEKA  is an international contemporary puppet festival that has been held and initiated by Papermoon Puppet Theatre, Indonesia. As the only biennial international puppet festival initiated and host by artist among Southeast Asia , this festival has a different sense of festival, and becomes a very important meeting point of questioning what puppetry could bring to people’s life.
This festival allows all participants to meet each other, to meet audience, and to feel how Yogyakarta could burst a creative life. All meetings will be accomodate through performances, workshops, cooking session, and studio visit.

WHAT's on the MENU ?

1.     17 November – 3 December 2014    : artists in collaboration
Some of the participants will come earlier, and do collaborative work with Papermoon Puppet Theatre and another local artists. Polyglot Theatre (Australia) will come and do cpllaborative work with Papermoon Puppet Theatre and the kids and youth community at Kepek Village, bantul. Cake Industries (Australia) will come earlier to do collaborative work with Papermoon Puppet Theatre and they plan to combine puppetry, mask, robot art and dance.
Jae Sirikarn Bunjongtad from Thailand will come and do a collaboration of exploring shadow puppetry.

2.     4 December 2014                                     : welcome party, studio visit, venue visit.

3.     5 – 6 December 2014                              : FESTIVAL PESTA BONEKA #4
-        Venue     : Auditorium IFI/LIP (Indonesien French Institute/ Lembaga Indonesia Prancis)
 Jl. Sagan No. 3 Yogyakarta
Indiecology Resto & cafe
Jl.  Candra Kirana No. 14 Yogyakarta
-        event       : opening ceremony,  puppet performances & workshops
-         time        : 02.00 pm - end

4.     7 December 2014                                     : FESTIVAL PESTA BONEKA #4
- Venue          :  Kepek Village, Timbulharjo, Bantul.
- event           : puppet performances,  puppet and comic installation , when puppeteers cook,  workshop, closing ceremony.
For these past 2 years, Kepek Carnival has been arised as local festival which allows all people in the village to participate. This time, we would love to combine our International Puppet Festival with the genuine local festival in the village.


Participants of PESTA BONEKA #4 :
  1. Australia : Polyglot Theatre
In collaboration with Anton Fajri from Papermoon Puppet Theatre for DRAWBRIDGE PROJECT – an interactive  comic and puppet installation in Kepek Village.

  1. Australia : Cake Industries

In collaboration with  Iwan Effendi, Octo Cornelius from Papermoon Puppet Theatre for a performance which will combine puppetry, robot and dance.

  1. Thailand : Jae Sirikarn Bunjongtad & Axm Nj

In collaboration with Beni Sanjaya –the puppeteer of Papermoon Puppet 
Theatre. They will extend their collaboration that they wver did in Thailan on February 2014.

  1. Philippines : Anino Shadowplay Collective

will present “ARKIPELAGO : intima ..sea”, about their identity as an archipelagic country, with shadow, body movement and music as the media.

  1. Spain : Belen Rubira

Hambre come is a five and a half minute puppet theatre played only for two people. The story develops inside a suitcase with two peephole through which you can spy what happens inside a restaurant. Without words, the carefully chosen music, heard through earphones, is indispensable to give meaning to the piece and to get the spectator into a unique atmosphere.

  1. Iceland : Bernd Ogrodnik & Hildur Jónsdóttir

“Metamorphosis” is the play that will be performed by Bernd and Hildur.
“Metamorphosis” is a collection of original short stories not told with words, but with the metaphorical grace of Puppets.
The context of the vignettes ranges from the trivial to the metaphysical. A strong emphasis lies on imagery, made possible through the surrealistic quality inherit in Puppets

  1. Mexico, Spain, Indonesia  : GNAYAW Puppet

Based in Surakarta, Indonesia, Gnayaw works with different artistic forms, other than puppet and object theater itself, such as music and theatre. Gnayaw started its work out of traditional wayang kulit, but reinterpreted and gave a new use to its elements, thus, the name of the company was chosen: Gnayaw stands for Wayang spelled backwards.

  1. Hungary  : Kovacs Tamas

Tamas has his first travel to Indonesia this year. Staying here and starting to build his performance with a Polish schenographer.

  1. Japan : Kanade Yagi

Is a performance artist who would love to do experiment on puppetry.
I would like to share the ideas “what is it like to be me?” with audience tracing science experiment in the puppetry context. I expect it would be the opportunity to think about “what is it like to be puppet?”

  1. Indonesia : Papermoon Puppet Theatre,  Anak Muda Bicara Teater ( AMB Teater) and others to go ! :D

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Monday, August 18, 2014

WATUGUNUNG : i am your mother... i am your wife.

Watugunung is an ancient story from Java.
It's actually a story about the birth of time in Java.

We heard the story for the first time from a play of Teater Garasi calls Waktu Batu. 
Watugunung is one of the character of their performance, and his story was combined with others folks and myths in that performance.

On December 2013, while Teater Garasi invited us to do a re-enactment of one of their plays, we said yes, and decided to choose "WATUGUNUNG" which was part of their Waktu Batu performance.

The story itself is pretty complicated.
So we decided to take one point of view to tell the story.
And it was from Shinta's point of view.
Shinta is the central character of the story. And who is she?
She is Watugunung's mom.. and also Watugunung's wife.

So here was how the story told, in our version....


Shinta, was a sad mom.
She had been trying hard to find her only son, Watugunung... who ran away from home after she hit his head unexpectedly. 
She spent most of her life to try to find his own son. 
But one thing  happens to her, she never turns old.

One day, Shinta met a gorgeous man.
They are falling in love to each other.
And from their love, she was gave birth 13 twins...
 yes 26 kids as the apples of their love.

But one night, while Shinta and her husband pouring each other with love,
an unexpected thing happened.
Shinta found a scar on her husband's head.
The scar that she never found before.

And while she asked him what happened with his scar..
He told her a story.
A story that Shinta would never want to hear in her whole life.

He was him.
He was Watugunung. 
Her son that she had been searching for. 

All the thunder came to herself now.
But It's impossible to tell him that she is his mom...

So Shinta decided to kill Watugunung..
The man that she loves.
She gave Watugunung a challenge.
If you really love me, show me.
You have to defeat Syiwa, the god. 
Then i know that you really love me.

And Watugunung received the challenge.
He wanted to show Shinta how big his love to that beautiful lady, the mother of his 26 sons.

Then Watugunung called Syiwa.
The fought day and night.

And by one chance....

Syiwa beat Watugunung with his power.

Watugunung was defeated.
He was dead.

 Shinta never thought that her heart will feel that pain.
It's the most painfull moment for her.
She was crying day and night, week by week...
Calling Watugunung's name.. asking him to come back.

And Syiwa gave her another chance.
Watugunung opened his eyes...
and asked Shinta...

"Who are you?"

then Shinta answered...

"I am your mother... I am your wife".


all photos by : Indra Wicaksono
courtesy by Papermoon Puppet Theatre

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

on the way to 'LIGHT IN WINTER' !

dear lovely friends..
time flies!

It's been a while after our latest post about our projects with kiddos in two villages.
Those were exciting projects where we set our feet on the ground again, after more than 5 years not doing any activities with kids! :)

But now.. here we are...
in Melbourne -Australia, set another super duper exciting new project with our wonderful collaborator, CAKE INDUSTRIES .. and i always love to introduce them as dynamic robo-duo artist! :D

We got invited by Federation Square in coorporation with City Of Melbourne to present the results of our collaboration for LIGHT IN WINTER Festival, in Federation Square.. yes... in the center of Melbourne city!

And we call our project : ANACHRON.

What will be more exciting than combining our handmade puppetry made out of papers, and simple materials with old-school mechanism (which we love so much) with bundles of cables, electricity, machine, amazing bright ideas and hi-end tools of Cake Industries?!!!
So yes!

Now we are making a moving installation that combined puppetry, lights, sounds, mechanism to make micro movements and stories.
We've been travelling for 3 times from Yogya to Melbourne since the end of last year to make this project happen.
We also did workshop of puppets' head making and 3-d print !

And this week will be the final week for us to finish the work, before we install it next week.
We still have so many things to do.. and we are super excited!

We'll update you soon, mate! :D

see ya!!

oo.. and please read this writing about our collaboration:

The Light in Winter festival sparks international collaboration

see ya soon!! :)

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

children and puppets!

hello fellas!
we got bunch of emails sending their big questions about how our blog is really out of date!
aahh... we would love to say sorry about how bad we are on maintaining this page for a while...

After got back from Amseterdam last year, we were dedicated our times for doing couple of projects with kiddos!
Yeah! Finally!!!!!
After more than 6 years, we are back on doing things with kids!!!
What a precious moment!

So, here they are!

this is a collaborating work between Papermoon Puppet Theatre and Polyglot Theatre that was happened on March 2014 in the village of the bottom Merapi mountain.
We worked with 45 kids, and more than 30 adults to make a performance out of ogre characters on their traditional dances!

These kids came out with their stories, their characters, their drawings, and build them out together for 2 weeks!

We really had a great time to stay at the village for 2 weeks, learned how to play gamelan from 4 year old kids, and made performance with bunch of awesome kids and adults!!!

performed at their play yard, and be watched by more than 500 people who came from many places!

and what could beat a coreographed fighting scene?!!! 

of course, their smiles! :)

( the mistery of forbidden forest)

This project was happened on February 2014, at another village in the southern part of Yogyakarta.
Every weekend, for a month, we went to this village, and play around with 15 kids!
We wrote stories together, drew characters,  and built the puppes with a bamboo techniques that we learned form them and their parents!
It was a site-specific performance, while we asked the kids, what came out on their mind after they saw the tree-stage?
and "FOREST" came as their answers.
What kind of forest then?
a Misterious one! 

Hosted by Bumi Pemuda Rahayu, we spent around 2 weeks with those wonderful kids, eating super good foods, in a forest-like residency area.

Ah... Good to be back to the kids play yard!
and it was awesome to perform together with them too!

See you soon in another projects, fellas!!


*photos of Drawbridge Project by Indra Wicaksono
photos of Misteri Siung Buto by Hieronimus Kusumatmo Herminarto