Wednesday, April 16, 2014

children and puppets!

hello fellas!
we got bunch of emails sending their big questions about how our blog is really out of date!
aahh... we would love to say sorry about how bad we are on maintaining this page for a while...

After got back from Amseterdam last year, we were dedicated our times for doing couple of projects with kiddos!
Yeah! Finally!!!!!
After more than 6 years, we are back on doing things with kids!!!
What a precious moment!

So, here they are!

this is a collaborating work between Papermoon Puppet Theatre and Polyglot Theatre that was happened on March 2014 in the village of the bottom Merapi mountain.
We worked with 45 kids, and more than 30 adults to make a performance out of ogre characters on their traditional dances!

These kids came out with their stories, their characters, their drawings, and build them out together for 2 weeks!

We really had a great time to stay at the village for 2 weeks, learned how to play gamelan from 4 year old kids, and made performance with bunch of awesome kids and adults!!!

performed at their play yard, and be watched by more than 500 people who came from many places!

and what could beat a coreographed fighting scene?!!! 

of course, their smiles! :)

( the mistery of forbidden forest)

This project was happened on February 2014, at another village in the southern part of Yogyakarta.
Every weekend, for a month, we went to this village, and play around with 15 kids!
We wrote stories together, drew characters,  and built the puppes with a bamboo techniques that we learned form them and their parents!
It was a site-specific performance, while we asked the kids, what came out on their mind after they saw the tree-stage?
and "FOREST" came as their answers.
What kind of forest then?
a Misterious one! 

Hosted by Bumi Pemuda Rahayu, we spent around 2 weeks with those wonderful kids, eating super good foods, in a forest-like residency area.

Ah... Good to be back to the kids play yard!
and it was awesome to perform together with them too!

See you soon in another projects, fellas!!


*photos of Drawbridge Project by Indra Wicaksono
photos of Misteri Siung Buto by Hieronimus Kusumatmo Herminarto


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