Wednesday, June 4, 2014

on the way to 'LIGHT IN WINTER' !

dear lovely friends..
time flies!

It's been a while after our latest post about our projects with kiddos in two villages.
Those were exciting projects where we set our feet on the ground again, after more than 5 years not doing any activities with kids! :)

But now.. here we are...
in Melbourne -Australia, set another super duper exciting new project with our wonderful collaborator, CAKE INDUSTRIES .. and i always love to introduce them as dynamic robo-duo artist! :D

We got invited by Federation Square in coorporation with City Of Melbourne to present the results of our collaboration for LIGHT IN WINTER Festival, in Federation Square.. yes... in the center of Melbourne city!

And we call our project : ANACHRON.

What will be more exciting than combining our handmade puppetry made out of papers, and simple materials with old-school mechanism (which we love so much) with bundles of cables, electricity, machine, amazing bright ideas and hi-end tools of Cake Industries?!!!
So yes!

Now we are making a moving installation that combined puppetry, lights, sounds, mechanism to make micro movements and stories.
We've been travelling for 3 times from Yogya to Melbourne since the end of last year to make this project happen.
We also did workshop of puppets' head making and 3-d print !

And this week will be the final week for us to finish the work, before we install it next week.
We still have so many things to do.. and we are super excited!

We'll update you soon, mate! :D

see ya!!

oo.. and please read this writing about our collaboration:

The Light in Winter festival sparks international collaboration

see ya soon!! :)