Monday, February 16, 2015

"SAIDJA : Once Upon A Time in The East"

Saidja is a man who spends his last days in Kampung Tebu, a little village at the bottom of  a volcano. Together with his two grandchildren, Dewi and Sunan, who run a small tourist business.
Near the village, there are the ruins of a sugar factory , which was owned by a Dutch family since 1900’s. Until a group of young Indonesians in their fight to achieve  freedom for Indonesia burned it down.
And Saidja was one of the fighters.

Old Saidja seems to live happily, until a Dutch man, Eric Coen,  comes to his grand daughter’s little stall. He is on his way to find out the history of his family, who were the owners of the sugar factory.  When he shows a photograph of a girl , he opens an old wound of Saidja.

 Images of Oddah-his lover, of Wally Coen- the son of the sugar factory’s owner,  of Jan Princen, the soldier who took Oddah away, they all appear.   And all the blood and all the losts.

A love story in times of violence and revolution.

“SAIDJA : Once Upon a Time In The East” ,
is a collaboration work between Het Volksoperahuis (Netherland) , Rop Severin (Netherland),  Papermoon Puppet Theatre (Yogyakarta),  and several Indonesian musicians.
This performance combines theater, story telling, puppetry, dance, and music.

Thursday,  26 February 2015
20.00 WIB
Friday , 27 February 2015
16.00 & 20.00 WIB

Auditorium IFI- Lembaga Indonesia Prancis
Jl. Sagan No. 3 Yogyakarta

Ticket price : Rp. 35.000,-

Ticket information:
Eli : 085786326263 /

This performance will be suitable for 9 years old up, and we are using Indonesian, English and Dutch language.