Thursday, July 16, 2015

HIDE and SEEK Project : at The Museum of Art Kochi, Japan

it's been a while!!

Here we would love to post our upcoming project : residency, exhibition, workshop and performance that will be happened in The Museum of Art Kochi, Japan.

It calls :  HIDE AND SEEK

This time, we got invited by The Museum of Art Kochi, Japan to present our previous works, and also doing some projects with people in Kochi.
Kochi is a small city, a capital of Kochi perfecture in Shikoku island. 
The city itself  is surrounded by hills and nature but has lots of hidden gems.

By the first week, we will install our puppet installations from previous works.
And that will be from "Men Of The Sea" and "WATUGUNUNG".

By the next week, we will start to work on our new project : HIDE AND SEEK.
We will do workshop of puppet making, based on their personal story.

All of the information about HIDE and SEEK project , is available in  HERE