Sunday, November 1, 2015

SEMATAKAKI : about red color on your ankle.

For closing the busy year of 2015,
Papermoon Puppet Theatre will do a collaborative performance with the students of Theatre and Dance Department from University of New Hampshire .

Papermoon Puppet Theatre is invited to handle a class for this semester, and also to build a world premiere performance with the students.

The tittle calls "SEMATAKAKI" which means "right to your ankle".

The story is inspired from the people who got stigmatized by the society , as the victims of the political turmoil - and also about the people who always hide the fact that they were the part of the dark history.
To retreive the loss history of our homeland in 1965 - 50 years after it happened, we decided to produce this performance, with the Theatre students in America.

SEMATAKAKI is about the people..
who try to hide the red color on their feet.


The Process

This time we will perform - for the first experience- in a thrust stage.
The stage itself has 3 areas for audiences' seats.
For our type of puppetry, this is pretty challenging... 
But we know, that this will be very interesting! :)

we are working with 12 casts, 
8 of them will be the puppeteers, and all most of the casts will wear masks.
All of them never worked with bunraku-type of puppetry before.
So, yes... this production will be brand new experience, for everybody!
which we find.. again, very exciting! :D

This is Tanamera.
One main character that we buid in New Hampshire.
Her appearance will be presented in puppet, and also an actress, whose also dance.

And these all the masks that Iwan Effendi made.
We are using papier mache technique, using clay for the mold.
we had some students (whose not the casts) helping us on layering the papier mache,
and either on building our sets and props - as the part of their class.

Here, we learn how the big productions are built in States.


SENLIMA : a Journey With No Limits

SENLIMA is a collaborative performance by Papermoon Puppet Theatre feat. Retrofuturisten (Germany).
Started with an estaphet process of making story between two companies that live spread in different countries with very different culture, SENLIMA was shaped as the way of them to communicate.
Combining two characters of the companies in one play, definitely is not an easy way.

But we made it.
We built the story by emails.. by sending paragraphs over and over.

The main character is an old man, who owns a bird that he keeps inside a cage. His life is an ordinary life. No surprises, no excitement.  He keeps himself inside his own square box.
And its because no one would like to receive him, because the BIG EYES say No.

But everythings change, while there are a bunch of 'ghost' disturb his life by releasing the bird out of the cage, out of his white square box.

And there his journey begins..

Sometimes we never realize, 
that the small step we take, will give a big leap to someone's life.  

Sometimes we never think twice,
that the decision we make will give effect to people's life.

And sometimes we never imagine,
That the power we have could destroy someone's life..

have we ever think about it?



Director: Maria Tri Sulistyan (Papermoon Puppet Theatre) | Roscha A. Säidow (Retrofuturisten)
Puppetbuilders: Iwan Effendi (Papermoon Puppet Theatre) | Magdalena Roth (Retrofuturisten)
Video: Felix Schiller
Costumes: Jana Weichelt
Music: Schmidti
Stage Manager: Aditya Murti (Papermoon Puppet Theatre)
Production: Dima Andari (Goethe Institut Indonesien) | Retrofuturisten

Actors | Puppeteers Franziska Dittrich (Retrofuturisten), Magdalena Roth (Retrofuturisten), Jana Weichelt, Caspar Bankert, Pambo Prioyati (Papermoon Puppet Theatre), Felix Schiller

photos courtesy by : Witjak Widhi Cahya and Indra Wicaksono