Wednesday, January 13, 2016

HIDE and SEEK project

HIDE and SEEK project is the results of our residency project with The Museum of Art Kochi, Japan from July 22nd- August 30th, 2015.

On our stay for less than a month in Kochi-Japan, we were doing workshops, exhibitions, and also performance where we collaborated with shamisen- a Japanesse traditional instrumet- player.

For the exhibition itself, we had 2 separated spaces, where we exhibited our previous works in one space, and the new work of Hide and Seek in another space.

the previous works of papermoon puppet theatre

HIDE and SEEK Project

we did workshops for adults and children, questioning about the imaginary world under their beds. and for the adults, we asked them a question of "what is their biggest secret that they kept under their bed".
then they made one character as the representation of their story.
from there, we chose one story, and made it into performance, while all the puppets that were made by the participants installed as the part of the exhibition.

HIDE and SEEK performance

all photos by Nae Fukata.