Sunday, May 1, 2016

Secangkir Kopi dan Cinta : Behind The Scene of AADC 2

"Secangkir Kopi dari Playa", was produced on 2011 by Papermoon Puppet Theatre.
 Concepted by Maria Tri Sulistyani and Iwan Effendi. 
Written and Directed by Maria Tri Sulistyani 

This year, Secangkir Kopi dari Playa was chosen to be part of the Indonesian most awaited movie calls "Ada Apa Dengan Cinta 2".

The play is a site-specific-performance performs in antique shop-old houses- or library.
Has limited audiences, 'Secangkir Kopi dari Playa' always comes with different version on each performance, either has 'vintage trip' in Yogyakarta, story telling at Ubud Writer Festival, and 'Pahit Manis Museum / Bitter & Sweet Museum' in Jakarta.

For AADC 2, we chose this play, since the play itself has a very strong story of the long lost lover- just becomes perfectly fit with AADC 2 story itself.

'Secangkir Kopi dari Playa' is on its own journey right now.
.... a special one.

for further journey of 'Secangkir Kopi dari Playa' you could read it here :