Sunday, September 18, 2016

The New Version : Secangkir Kopi dari Playa

The New Version of #secangkirkopidariplaya will be presented in Jakarta !

As the fundraising of Pesta Boneka#5 , Papermoon puppet theatre and Edwin's Gallery present 

Puppet play
'Secangkir Kopi dari Playa' & Exhibition by Iwan Effendi
5-7 october 2016
6.00 pm and

8-9 october 2016
3.00 pm & 7.00 pm *
Edwin's Gallery

Ticket price:
Rp. 300.000,-
What's on the menu?
- performance
- exhibition
- photobooth and fundaising corner
- pop up shop * *only 50 seats available per performance !! 

And thank you for buying the tickets..
Tickets for 10 shows + 2 extra shows are SOLD OUT

Hope to see you there, dear... 

Saturday, September 17, 2016

"PRANI : the breath "

a commissioned work by Singapore Art Museum, 
the exhibition and performance of "SUARA MUARA" 
as part of "IMAGINARIUM : Over The Ocean, Under The Sea"

In a far away land, there was a bunch of people who lived in a boat, who took long journey.
They are the dream collectors.
They stole people’s bottle of dreams, and they took them as theirs.
Every time people heard of a certain sounds, they knew that those dream collectors were coming.
All that you need to do, is keeping your bottle of dream in a safe place.

One day, one biggest dream bottle was falling to the sea.
One of them was pointed to take it back.
Then the journey began.
All that he knew, he just needed to take the bottle back to the boat.

Until one day,  he met a little boy, who had his dream bottle stollen before...


PRANI is an interactive performance that was inspired by the ancient ‘Wayang Bengkong’ from Lasem (a small district in Northern part of Java).  Combines art installation, puppetry, masks, shadow, sounds and lights, this performance will bring you to a journey that you’ve never had before.

Duration               : 45 minutes
Language               : non verbal
Age                        :  3 years+

*will content black lights in the show.

actors/puppeteers  : anton fajri, beni sanjaya, pambo priyojati, maria tri sulistyani, wulang sunu, retno intiani, lunang pramusesa
lighting designer  : banjar tri andaru cahyo
costume maker : retno intiani
technical director : gading paksi
music composer  : yennu ariendra
artistic director    : iwan effendi
co. artistic director : maria tri sulistyani
scriptwriter & director : maria tri sulistyani

photo courtesy by Singapore Art Museum