Tuesday, October 25, 2016


a biennale contemporary puppet festival
by Papermoon Puppet Theatre

Pesta Boneka is an international biennale puppet festival initiated and hosted by Papermoon Puppet Theatre since 2008 in Yogyakarta-Indonesia.
Papermoon Puppet Theatre has been well known as contemporary puppetry artists from Indonesiaa who present their works either in Indonesia, or in other countries.
Not only attended by puppetry artists, PESTA BONEKA has been a place where people could see how puppets could be messengers who deliver message in many different forms, , through many different cultures in many different ways.

This year, PESTA BONEKA #5 will choose its theme as “HOME”. Home ia the place where everything are started. There is a big necessity to spend times with the people whom we called ‘FAMILY’. 

For the audience, the warmth of the festival will welcome them more than any other festivals do, the intimacy will be the thing that they will love. And for the participants, PESTA BONEKA will definitely bring them a very different journey of  experiencing the richness of culture, in an intimate way.

Home, is a big issue for all citizen in the world.  Many people today, couldn't feel their home as their home anymore. 
And Pesta Boneka this year would love to provide a space where people could spend their time and will be surrounded by people whom will make them feels like surrounded by family.

Not only through performances, there will be plenty of workshops facilited by international artists, presentation, exhibition and also Cooking session !!!

The Participants of PESTA BONEKA #5 , 2016 :
1     Ahmad Naseer Formuli (Afghanistan) , Tim Spooner ( UK),  Frigg (Netherland), Anino Shadowplay (Philippines), For What Theatre (Thailand),   Lemonys Puppet Theatre (Australia),  Babymime (Thailand),  Papermoon Puppet Theatre ( Indonesia), Flying Balloon Puppet (Indonesia), Wayang Sampah (Indonesia), Anne Sophie Le Court (France),   Ruth Marbun (Indonesia)

2-3 December 2016

4 December 2016
Desa Kepek, Bantul
(Kepek Village, Bantul)

Has been run independently for 8 years, PESTA BONEKA always been supported by our audiences, supporters, and also donators.
This Festival would never be exist without your supports..

So, here we would love to invite you to be part of our Festival, by choosing our donation package


Rp. 100.000 ( US$ 10) : special postcard will be sent to you
Rp. 300.000 (US$ 30) : enamelled pin and special postcard will be sent to you!

Rp. 500.000 (US$ 50 ) : special totebag and handwritten postcard will be yours!

Rp. 1.500.000 (US$ 150) : special ceramicware teaset made by our beloved ceramic artisan : KANDURA, will be yours!

Rp. 3.000.000 (US$ 300) : special framed screen-printed artwork in limited number,
signed by Wulang Sunu- the artist

Rp. 5.000.000 (US$ 500) : Special made PUPPET by Papermoon Puppet Theatre, will be YOURS !!

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Thank you for your support...
and we hope to see you in Yogyakarta !!!