Wednesday, June 14, 2017


The journey starts at a dark, cold and wet place.
It is silence, all we could hear is the sound of water drops to the water pool.
You could feel your cold feet, and your skin could feel the crisps air, though this is summer time.

A light, bright, shinny paper was made at that dark, cold and wet place.
It’s the place where a little girl got used to drown herself into the water pool after the working hours.
The place where you could see their workers worked for hours without saying any words.
The place where you could hear someone talked to all of the tools, saying that they will survive for another year

A light, bright, shinny paper was made its journey right after that place.
From a painter’s veranda- touched by a smooth brushes and inks, to the palace walls..
From a clerk’s table – got wrinkles after a jammed typewriter, to a soldier’s pocket in a war field.

It’s there, to keep all stories that you couldn’t remember.

The paper is translucent.
Just like our memory.
Just like the relationship between you and me.

( THE TRANSLUCENCE, by Papermoon Puppet Theate)


After 6 months of slowing down, take a breath, and doing little bit more of readings and brainstorming, we are pumping our energy right now for our upcoming production.

On 2015, we were invited by Museum of Art Kochi to do residency for 1 month.
In that journey, we found that Kochi is well known for its washi paper. There are several little factories in some villages, and we visited several places of washi making in Kochi.

Then we decided to use washi for that period of staying.



 But we found that we need more time to understand washi. Then we talked to Yamaura san, the curator of the museum, about another idea of exploring washi in the future.

Then the time came.

This year, from the period of 30 June-30 July, we will go back to Kochi to do another residency with a washi paper mill.
Not only that, we will do collaboration with local dancers and also composer to produce a new play, based on our research about washi.

The tittle is "THE TRANSLUCENCE" , or in Indonesia we call it "yang tembus cahaya".

This time, a full team from Papermoon will be going and spend time working together in Kochi...

Will update you the whole stories, guys..

And we hope to see you in Kochi !

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