Wednesday, June 14, 2017


The journey starts at a dark, cold and wet place.
It is silence, all we could hear is the sound of water drops to the water pool.
You could feel your cold feet, and your skin could feel the crisps air, though this is summer time.

A light, bright, shinny paper was made at that dark, cold and wet place.
It’s the place where a little girl got used to drown herself into the water pool after the working hours.
The place where you could see their workers worked for hours without saying any words.
The place where you could hear someone talked to all of the tools, saying that they will survive for another year

A light, bright, shinny paper was made its journey right after that place.
From a painter’s veranda- touched by a smooth brushes and inks, to the palace walls..
From a clerk’s table – got wrinkles after a jammed typewriter, to a soldier’s pocket in a war field.

It’s there, to keep all stories that you couldn’t remember.

The paper is translucent.
Just like our memory.
Just like the relationship between you and me.

( THE TRANSLUCENCE, by Papermoon Puppet Theate)


After 6 months of slowing down, take a breath, and doing little bit more of readings and brainstorming, we are pumping our energy right now for our upcoming production.

On 2015, we were invited by Museum of Art Kochi to do residency for 1 month.
In that journey, we found that Kochi is well known for its washi paper. There are several little factories in some villages, and we visited several places of washi making in Kochi.

Then we decided to use washi for that period of staying.



 But we found that we need more time to understand washi. Then we talked to Yamaura san, the curator of the museum, about another idea of exploring washi in the future.

Then the time came.

This year, from the period of 30 June-30 July, we will go back to Kochi to do another residency with a washi paper mill.
Not only that, we will do collaboration with local dancers and also composer to produce a new play, based on our research about washi.

The tittle is "THE TRANSLUCENCE" , or in Indonesia we call it "yang tembus cahaya".

This time, a full team from Papermoon will be going and spend time working together in Kochi...

Will update you the whole stories, guys..

And we hope to see you in Kochi !

For futher information about the project, 
please click THIS LINK

Sunday, March 26, 2017

CERITA ANAK (Child's Story)

Cerita Anak (Child’s Story) takes pre-school children and their adults on a sea journey never to be forgotten.
Climb aboard and be rocked and rolled across a strange ocean, dive to the bottom of the sea, hear stories on the wind and in the currents of the water, and face great danger before coming to safe harbour.
Cerita Anak (Child’s Story) is inspired by the seafaring history of Java, Indonesia, and a true tale of a small boy’s arrival in Australia. Cerita Anak places children at the heart of the story by inviting the audience, young and old, to be passengers on this adventure on the high seas.
Combining puppetry, song, shadow imagery and sound, the show bustles with all the life of the ocean – from the fish below to the birds above – while evoking the majesty and mystery of the sea itself.
Cerita Anak was in part developed in a fishing village north of Java, where Melbourne's Polyglot Theatre and Indonesia's Papermoon Puppet Theatre worked with local children to create this exquisite encounter.
Empowering its young audience as they navigate the high seas, Cerita Anak is also a timely reflection of the refugee experience and the history of our region.
Get The Tickets : HERE


This is the third years for Papermoon Puppet Theatre and Polyglot Theatre building 'CERITA ANAK'. On 2015, Sue Giles (Artistic Director or Polyglot Theatre) and Anna Tregolan (Set Designer of Cerita Anak) came to Yogya, and we did the first stage of development process for CERITA ANAK in Lasem (Central java), and Kepek (Bantul, Yogyakarta).

The second development process happened in Yogya again, while Sue, Anna and Steph O'Hara (music composer of Cerita Anak) came to do 'the making' and research process.
Then the third development process happened in Artplay-Melbourne, when Ria (Co. Artistic Director of Papermoon Puppet Theatre), Anton fajri (artistic team of papermoon), and Wulang Sunu (animator of Cerita Anak) came.  We did several workshops with children to try some parts of CERITA ANAK.
In between those process, Polyglot Theatre did several workshop with Dinjerra children, and through pictures and drawings they made, they could tell their experience of what 'boats' for them.
So, here we are now.. 
getting ready to do our world premiere of CERITA ANAK (Child's Story).
This 'immersive theatre' will bring audiences to different  experience.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

hello 2017 !!

Hello 2017 !
we are slowing down a bit
to find a new beat.


Upcoming SCHEDULE :

March 30 - April 2nd, 2017
CERITA ANAK, feat. Polyglot Theatre
for ASIA TOPA in Melbourne Art Centre

June-July 2017
Artist in Residence 
at Museum of Art Kochi, Japan

Saturday, November 26, 2016



1. For performances on 2-3 December 2016, tickets could be purchased at PKKH-UGM from 11.00 AM

2. FREE Admission for Workshop, but you need to register to

SEE you on PESTA BONEKA #5 !!!

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Pre sale Ticket for PESTA BONEKA #5


1. Pre-order Ticket is available only for "One-Day Ticket" of PESTA BONEKA #5: HOME and could be use to see all performances each day.
2. Ticket price: Rp 100.000,- per day
3. To order, you have to fill a form from Google Form. Link of the form will be published below.
4. The form can be full-filled between 10AM-12PM, 14.00PM-16.00PM, and 18.00PM-20.00PM every day
5. One (1) email account is restricted to a maximum of 4 ticket order.
6. Our response will be sent on your e-mail account that have been written in form
7. If you want to buy ticket for each performance, it will be available at the ticket-box during the event, start from 11 AM


1. Pemesanan tiket pre-order hanya menjual "Tiket Terusan" PESTA BONEKA #5 HOME yang dapat  digunakan untuk menonton semua pementasan pada setiap harinya
2. Harga 1 tiket/hari : Rp 100.000,-
3. Pemesan diwajibkan mengisi formulir melalui Google Form. Link formulir diberikan dibawah ini.
4. Formulir hanya dapat diisi pada jam 10.00-12.00 , 14.00-16.00, 18.00-20.00
5. Satu (1) akun email dibatasi hanya dapat memesan maksimal 4 tiket pada hari yang sama
6. Tanggapan mengenai pemesanan akan kami kirim ke alamat email yang telah dituliskan dalam formulir
7. Jika ingin membeli tiket pada masing-masing pementasan, tiket bisa didapatkan di ticket box pada saat acara berlangsung, yang dimulai pada jam 11.00 WIB


Monday, November 7, 2016

PESTA BONEKA #5 : The Menu

Dear friends,
here are the menu for PESTA BONEKA #5 : HOME.
There might be some changes on the schedule, but we will make sure you will still love it ! ;)

Friday, 2 December 2016
@ PKKH UGM, Yogyakarta
1 pm - 10 pm

Craft and Food Bazaar
by artisans

free admission

Screening Puppet Film
free admission
Tamara Shogaolu (USA)
Anne Sophie LeCourt (France)

Interactive Installation for Children

free admission
Ruth Marbun (Indonesia)

free admission, by registration
Lemonys Puppet Theatre (Aussie)

full-day ticket Rp. 100.000,-
per-show Rp. 35.000,-

Tim Spooner (UK)
Papermoon Puppet Theatre (Indonesia)
Khadija (UK)
Frigg (Netherland)

Saturday, 3 December 2016
@ PKKH UGM, Yogyakarta
1pm- 10 pm

Craft and Food Bazaar
by artisans

free admission

Screening Puppet Film
free admission
Tamara Shogaolu (USA)
Anne Sophie LeCourt (France)

Interactive Installation for Children

free admission
Ruth Marbun (Indonesia)

free admission
Ahmad Nasir Formuli (Afghanistan)

free admission, by registration
Frigg (Netherland)
Lemonys Puppet Theatre (Aussie) 

full-day ticket Rp. 100.000,-
per-show Rp. 35.000,-

Tim Spooner (UK)
Flying Balloon Puppet (Indonesia)
Anino Shadowplay (Phillipines)
For What Theatre (Thailand)

Sunday, 4 December 2016

-FREE admission-
@ Desa Kepek (Kepek Village), Bantul, Yogyakarta
10.00 am - 10 .00 pm

Craft and Food Bazaar
by Kepek residents

When Puppeteers Cook
all artists

Lemonys Puppet Theatre (Aussie) 
Wayang Sampah (Indonesia)
Jae Sirikarn Bunjongtad (Thailand)
Babymime (Thailand)
Ting A Tong (Thailand)

Ting A Tong (Thailand)
Wayang Sampah (Indonesia)
Lemonys Puppet Theatre's workshop participants
Kohe Kawamura (Japan)
Babymime (Thailand)

*Tickets could be purchased on the spot, starts 2 hours before the event happens.

*For you who lives abroad, or in other cities, 
please drop us email if you will need to purchase the tickets before you arrive.
To make sure that you will have your tickets on the D -day,
we have limited full-day tickets to be purchased.

We have special package that will include Hotel/Bungalow, Meals, Festival Free Pass, 
and Shuttle bus to go to the venue and back.
please contact us for further information

*the details of performance and workshop will be announced later

Hope to see you in PESTA BONEKA #5 !!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016


a biennale contemporary puppet festival
by Papermoon Puppet Theatre

Pesta Boneka is an international biennale puppet festival initiated and hosted by Papermoon Puppet Theatre since 2008 in Yogyakarta-Indonesia.
Papermoon Puppet Theatre has been well known as contemporary puppetry artists from Indonesiaa who present their works either in Indonesia, or in other countries.
Not only attended by puppetry artists, PESTA BONEKA has been a place where people could see how puppets could be messengers who deliver message in many different forms, , through many different cultures in many different ways.

This year, PESTA BONEKA #5 will choose its theme as “HOME”. Home ia the place where everything are started. There is a big necessity to spend times with the people whom we called ‘FAMILY’. 

For the audience, the warmth of the festival will welcome them more than any other festivals do, the intimacy will be the thing that they will love. And for the participants, PESTA BONEKA will definitely bring them a very different journey of  experiencing the richness of culture, in an intimate way.

Home, is a big issue for all citizen in the world.  Many people today, couldn't feel their home as their home anymore. 
And Pesta Boneka this year would love to provide a space where people could spend their time and will be surrounded by people whom will make them feels like surrounded by family.

Not only through performances, there will be plenty of workshops facilited by international artists, presentation, exhibition and also Cooking session !!!

The Participants of PESTA BONEKA #5 , 2016 :
1     Ahmad Naseer Formuli (Afghanistan) , Tim Spooner ( UK),  Frigg (Netherland), Anino Shadowplay (Philippines), For What Theatre (Thailand),   Lemonys Puppet Theatre (Australia),  Babymime (Thailand),  Papermoon Puppet Theatre ( Indonesia), Flying Balloon Puppet (Indonesia), Wayang Sampah (Indonesia), Anne Sophie Le Court (France),   Ruth Marbun (Indonesia)

2-3 December 2016

4 December 2016
Desa Kepek, Bantul
(Kepek Village, Bantul)

Has been run independently for 8 years, PESTA BONEKA always been supported by our audiences, supporters, and also donators.
This Festival would never be exist without your supports..

So, here we would love to invite you to be part of our Festival, by choosing our donation package


Rp. 100.000 ( US$ 10) : special postcard will be sent to you
Rp. 300.000 (US$ 30) : enamelled pin and special postcard will be sent to you!

Rp. 500.000 (US$ 50 ) : special totebag and handwritten postcard will be yours!

Rp. 1.500.000 (US$ 150) : special ceramicware teaset made by our beloved ceramic artisan : KANDURA, will be yours!

Rp. 3.000.000 (US$ 300) : special framed screen-printed artwork in limited number,
signed by Wulang Sunu- the artist

Rp. 5.000.000 (US$ 500) : Special made PUPPET by Papermoon Puppet Theatre, will be YOURS !!

if you would love to adopt one of our package, please click 

Thank you for your support...
and we hope to see you in Yogyakarta !!!