Anachron’s illuminated sculptures are clever combinations of electromechanical mastery and kinetic technology. Each has its own identity representing past, present and future, yet together they create a circular loop of time. Like animated cabinets of curiosity, the moving sculptures are endlessly fascinating with their myriad of stimulants to feed the imagination

A collaboration between Papermoon Puppet Theatre and Cake Industries, Australia

In our minds, time is not linear. Future becomes someone’s past, past has at one point been someone’s future, and all three periods overlap and intertwine in a complicated relationship that defies absolute definition”

Anachron has been created in consultation with some of The Light in Winter’s artistic and cultural groups, mentored by Papermoon Puppet Theatre and Cake Industries.”

—Text by Cake Industries

Anachron was presented as part of The Light in Winter festival in Melbourne, Australia.