Artist in Residence with Papermoon Puppet Theatre

Papermoon Residency House is a home for artists from various different background, researcher, observer, puppet lovers who would like to get closer,  or to do the process of puppet performance making.

Papermoon Residency House is owned, independently funded and run by Papermoon Puppet Theatre, a puppet theatre company that is based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

As an international puppet theatre company established since 2006, Papermoon Puppet Theatre whom also initiated and hosted an international biennial puppet festival calls PESTA BONEKA has been hosted  hundreds of puppetry artists from around the world at their beloved hometown, Yogyakarta.

Doing the “Artist in Residence Program” with Papermoon Puppet Theatre means to inspire each other, learning from each other, and understanding their way to create and to live. Papermoon Residency House was built to create a sustainable ecosystem of puppetry scene in Yogyakarta. Papermoon Puppet Theatre works with other artists, other puppet companies to run the residency house and also the programs.

There is an open opportunity for artist in residence to do collaboration with other artists or communities in Yogyakarta.

As the way to keep a sustainability system for the house, we also rent the rooms and the house for anyone who would like to have an immersive arts experience while staying in Yogya for their vacation. Papermoon Residency House is also open for anyone who would like to have an immersive art experience.

For further information about PAPERMOON RESIDENCY PROGRAM, please click here