KACA CAKA : The Mirror

Mirror is my best friend, because when I cry it never laughs

( Charlie Chaplin )

“KACA CAKA : The Mirror” is a play about the world of imagination that exists in the brain of a 5- years old boy named Caka, every time he saw mirrors. Any mirror.

Seeing a mirror, made him believe that he could be anything.

A karate kid, a ghost, a bird, a robot, or even a walrus.

Everything seems fine, until he saw a big glass window of an old house.

Seeing his big projection in the glass window, made his imagination growing bigger and bigger. He started to make funny and interesting things only for himself.

Until one day, he found that the glass window, is not a usual mirror that he knew.


cinematic puppet performance

non verbal

table top puppet technique

duration : 32 minutes

available for young audiences and adults