MARACOSA, from the Sanskrit language, translates to seing for oneself.

Inheriting a business or traditional art, especially a family legacy, has always sparked dilemmas on the continuing generation. 

It has occured in many fields and amongst Asian families. 

In this performance, Papermoon Puppet Theater would like to highlight how choices made by the next generation might seem very contrasting to previous generations. What must be passed on must be beyond objects and techniques. The reason to love must also be found, despite in different forms. It must be experienced, seen, and discovered by the next generation. 

  • Non verbal cinematic performance
  • 26 minutes

Synopsis of MARACOSA :

Mbak Malam, an old woman who owns a batik workshop, loves her dear granddaughter named Canting. One day, when Canting fell sick, Mbak Malam decided to tuck her in using a batik cloth decorated with a ‘tambalan’ motif. ‘Tambalan’, which translates to patch work, is believed to mend sadness, cure illness, and fill in losses. 

For Mbak Malam, batik is not just any piece of textile commodity, but has a deeper significance. Hence, amongst hundreds of batik cloth, Mbah Malam always manages to find miracles. Motifs of fauna pictured in each of the batik cloths had always kept her company and brought joy. However, this wasn’t so for Canting. 

Until one day, Canting experienced the miracle herself amongst the hundreds of batik cloth hung in the grandmother’s old batik workshop. 

The miracle made her believe that batik had a different meaning in her life. Her faith had grown because she had seen and experienced the miracle herself.  



Director & conceptor : Maria Tri Sulistyani

Artistic designer : Muhammad Alhaq

DOP & video editor: Rangga Yudhistira

Puppet makers : M. Alhaq, Beni Sanjaya, Anton Fajri, Pambo Priyojati, Hardiansyah Yoga, Retno Intiani

Puppeteers: M. Alhaq, Beni Sanjaya, Anton Fajri, Pambo Priyojati, Hardiansyah Yoga,

Composer: Yennu Ariendra

Crew: Ega Kuspriyanto 

Producer : Papermoon Puppet Theatre and Nona Rara Batik