Saidja: Once Upon a Time In The East

A collaboration between Papermoon Puppet Theatre and Het Volksoperahuis, The Netherlands

A love story in times of violence and revolution, Saidja: Once Upon a Time in the East (Hete Peper) explores the post-colonial era of Indonesia through theatre, storytelling, puppetry, dance, and music. The project is a collaboration between Papermoon Puppet Theatre, the theatre company Het Volksoperahuis and Rop Severin of The Netherlands, as well as several Indonesian musicians.

Old Saidja seems to live happily with his grandchildren in Kampung Tebu, a little village at the bottom of  a volcano. One day, a Dutch man named Eric Coen arrives—he is on a journey to find out the history of his family, who were the owners of an old sugar factory, now in ruins, nearby. His visit opens up the memories—and old wounds—of Saidja.

Saidja premiered in Yogyakarta, Indonesia and also toured to The Netherlands.



Full performance: