Give us 3 words, and we will sew it into a performance.
Because we are the story tailors

STORY TAILOR is an intimate puppet performance.
We invite audiences to give us 4 words, then we will sew those words to be a performance.

By using variety objects, puppets, shadow theatre, we will present a surprise performance that you might never imagined before.

STORY TAILOR could be presented as a Live performance or Virtual Performance.

In the time of corona, we produced “(IN YOUR POCKET) STORY TAILOR”, where people could requested their own theme, and we sew 3-4 themes into 1 performance, and sent the piece through Whatsapp, directly to the audiences’ phone cells.

We received at least 229 themes, that were sewed and sent to people’s pockets.

We were also asked people if they would like to send ” (IN YOUR POCKET) STORY TAILOR” as presents for health workers, doctors, nurses to entertain them in hospitals. For those needs, we will send the videos for free.

Reviews in medias :

Journey of STORY TAILOR :

Opening of Yayasan HIVOS, 2021
Story Tailor (In Your Pocket #1 and #2), Online format, 2020
Folk Music Festival, Malang, 2018
Festival Dongeng Internasional Indonesia, Jakarta, 2017
Pasar-Pasaran Ubud, Bali, 2017