Suara Muara

Mixed-media installation
Accompanied by a performance: Prani (The Breath)
Dimensions variable

Papermoon Puppet Theatre’s Suara Muara and its accompanying performance, Prani (The Breath), were commissioned by the Singapore Art Museum as part of its “Imaginarium 2016” program.

“Lasem, a tiny town on the northern part of Java island, is where the Lasem River meets the Java Sea. Once an important port where vessels berthed to transport a bevy of treasures to places around the world, Lasem today is like a lonely old man, who keeps his secrets quietly. While fishermen tend their nets and children play around little wooden boats, one can still find ancient shards of Chinese porcelain buried beneath its sandy beaches. Suara Muara, or The Sounds of the Estuary, brings audiences on an aural journey, where the sounds of the past still exist, in unison with the lapping of the waves.”

—Text by the Singapore Art Museum

Note: For more information about the accompanying performance, please see Prani (The Breath) under Performances.”