Surat Ke Langit

90-minute interactive performance with puppets
For ages 7 and up
Space: Black-box theatre
Time is ticking as Puno faces the reality that his own time is growing short. He also feels for his loved ones, who wish that he could get well again. What should Puno do to make his last moments the most beautiful ones of his life? After he is gone, what should his daughter and friends do, as a reminder of that beauty?

Surat Ke Langit (Letters to the Sky) is a performance by Papermoon Puppet Theatre that invites all people who have lost their loved ones to write a letter to them—and then, together, we send those letters to the sky. The letters are written on paper boats installed on the stage. At the end of the performance, we invite audiences to come on stage and read the letters.



Audience Responses

“Thank you, Papermoon, for giving us such an emotional experience. This is extraordinary.”

Mother of seven-year-old son

“Oh, God, please cure him!”

—A little girl in the middle of a performance