The Old Man’s Books

45-minute performance with puppets
Accompanied by a puppetry workshop
For all ages
Space: Black-box theatre
The Old Man’s Books explores how books can bring your imagination to life. Kunta is an old man who works as secondhand children’s-book seller. He lives in a different world, one that Pepa and Pong could never have imagined….

The Old Man’s Books also includes an all-ages puppetry workshop, which is conducted by artists from Papermoon Puppet Theatre in the days before the performance. The puppets that the participants make become part of the show.

Note: For more information about our workshops, please see the “Workshops” page.


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“For puppets that speak no words, and have just one unmoving facial expression, it’s incredible how emotionally expressive they can be.”

Asia Calling, 2016

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