The Scavenger

outdoor performance
silent puppetry
interactive performance
masks, found objects, paper puppet

duration : 30 minutes
In Indonesia, there are some people work by collecting garbages
and sell them for a recycling company. While our planet is covered
by more and more trashes in landfills, these people are our
forgotten heroes. Many people just know how to buy, and keep
consuming, and just throw their garbages at trash cans without
knowing how those garbages will end up.
This play is a dedication to those unsung heroes.
In this performance we will use simple paper puppets, masks, and
also a bunraku style of puppetry. This performance is also perfect to
show a process of object manipulation.
Paper is a very simple material that could bring lots of imagination.

Three guys are working around piles of used papers and
cardboards. It was a tiring day for them. But by the end of the day,
they could find lots of surprise and happiness from those piles of
From papers they make some toys and characters. Suddenly that
place become a playground for them.
Until finally they found an expected thing that will bring them to
meet Kunta, an old man that spent his whole life living in imaginary
paper world.